The last weeks I receive lots of stories from clients and also friends about difficult situations at work. Colleagues who are excluding and bullying, frustration about the desire to improve work but resistance from colleagues who don’t want to change, and frustration and suppressed anger about colleagues not seeing what needs to change to create a healthier company. I even heard that in those situations the management level is one where a lot of resistance to change is happening.

If you are feeling down, frustrated, powerlessness or busy in your mind till headaches about work, and even not in a happy and optimistic mood anymore to go to work when you wake up in the morning, it’s time to go within. Create the time to meditate daily, to go with your attention to your heart and to ask what’s happening, what you need and how you can provide or create that. Don’t judge, but listen with an open mind. Know that everything is possible and you can always ask for help to achieve changes.

It’s about letting go of your feelings and emotions that are blocking you, before you can make healthy changes for yourself. Speak out your feelings and emotions energetically to the people at your work, tell them how you feel and what those feelings cause in your life. Do this while you visualise them before you. Don’t hold back, tell everything that you’re carrying with you on your shoulders and in your heart. It will give relief in your body and mind. Now tell them how you want to be treated. Send back with your intention, their energy to them and call back your own energy and power and fill yourself up with this so you are whole and complete again..

Ask Archangel Michael to cut the cords between you and your colleagues and your work, to encircle that in his purple net of light to be transformed in love and light in the universe.
Then ask the Creator to fill you and your colleagues and the company (including the building where you work) up with pure unconditional love, light and blessings.

It’s possible that you don’t believe you deserve a better manager, better colleagues, a higher position, or better paid for your job. The reason can be low self-esteem or your ego telling you that a job where you feel happy and get paid well, doesn’t exist. Go back in time when you experienced this for the first time and let it go. Transform it into the belief that you are worthy and deserve the best and start living as if you already have the best. This will make you attract the situation you want.

When you decide to want a better situation, it’s possible that something unpleasant can happen first. It doesn’t need to happen, but there’s a chance. When you get signs to start changing your resume or to apply for jobs, and you don’t take action, – you don’t listen to your intuition -, it can happen that you lose your job unexpectedly. Ask yourself if you have requested for change or improvement. Losing your job can even be an answer to your request for change, especially when you weren’t happy with your job and you didn’t listen to your intuition to take actions finding a better job. That’s why it’s so important to meditate daily, to tune in with your body and heart.

By listening to your intuition, you will find a better job that suits you and your life and that’ll make you happier. Take action on what your heart is telling you. See your actions as an answer back to the universe that you’re willing to make the change and you are open to receive the best. Go with the flow, because then you’ll achieve the most for yourself. And know there’s always enough for everybody, including you!