Have you noticed old emotions coming up round the New Moon time? It’s old emotions that want to be released. It’s an opportunity to free yourself from these emotions that block your lifeforce energy from flowing through your body.

It’s best to stop ignoring/suppressing these emotions, but to allow them to be there while getting your full attention. Feel where in your body that emotion is, focus on it and experience what happens while you keep focusing on it. Maybe you feel anger, sadness or tears coming up. Give them a way out. It can help to cry, to blow out emotions as a wind, or to visualise sending all emotions out of your body into a box before you. If everything is in the box, put the lit on it and send it with your thoughts to the universe, where it’ll be transformed in love and light for you. Then fill yourself up with the positive opposite of what you’ve sent away, e.g. love, strength, confidence.

If you keep emotions inside, they will grow and one day you’ll find yourself having an explosion where you don’t have control anymore or in your body starts to develop an disease. It’s way better for your health and wellbeing to address your emotions when you feel them. If the timing is bad on a day, acknowledge your emotions with your thoughts and make an appointment with them to take a time later that day (mention the time you’ll be free to do that) to sit down quietly and connect with them to find out what needs to be done. Don’t forget to show up on your appointment with your emotions :).

After having released emotions you’ll always feel better, maybe relieved, and often lighter and happier. And when you do this on a daily base, it only takes a few minutes. When it feels that it’ll be too overwhelming to let emotions come out, know that you can handle it and put your alarm for a certain time (e.g. 10 or 30 mins) that you expect to be able to handle them. That way you control the release and you can spread it so you keep functioning well in daily life.

I wonder: Do you take time daily to address your emotions to help release whatever comes to the surface?