Trust small sizeIf you really want something in life and you don’t get it, this can be very disappointing. How do you deal with not getting what you want in life? Do you think ‘okay, that can happen, next time hopefully more luck’, do you try harder, or do you try again determined to make it happen this time? And what happens when you have another experience of not getting what you want? Does this take away your trust in universe?

See before you a scale with the numbers from 0 – 100. It’s your scale of trusting universe. What number does your scale say? It’s the first number you have in mind. If it’s higher than 50, that’s good; you’re on the path of trusting universe bit it can still be improved. If it’s lower than 50, you have to find the reasons for your distrust first and solve them, to increase your trust in universe.

What do you need to release to increase your trust in universe?
Doubts, fears and limiting beliefs.

When you have doubts (being insecure) and fears you can’t see nor feel your desired outcome happening. This means you’re not a match with what you want to achieve. Also limiting beliefs won’t help you achieve your desired outcome. If you believe you’re not worthy or deserving of receiving your desired outcome, you won’t attract it at all. Your belief is blocking it to come to you.

If you only think positive about what you want and you feel good about that, you come in the matching energy vibration to attract that what you want in life. Of course you can ask for help from the angels to keep on thinking positive (and ‘to detach with love from your ego’ to stop the voice in your mind that tells you it will never happen) and to help you visualise your future as in already having what you want. You can ask for guidance but also confirmation signs from the angels if you’re on the right path to achieve what you want and what your next step is. And then it’s of course taking action. If you’re just visualising and stay in your chair, it won’t happen (fast). You need to take action too. An action is like showing universe; see, I really want this and I’m going for it!

It’s a matter of awareness, of consciousness to implement this process in your life. You’ll find out a lot about yourself and your fears. When you let your fears go, and keep on focusing on thinking positive, it’ll change your life. You’ll get more and more evidence in your life that you’re on the right path, and miracles start to happen until you manage the process of creating that what you want, and you see your dreams being fulfilled. Your trust will increase with this evidence. After you’ve achieved another of your desires, thank universe for their help and sense how good you feel about your achieved goal. Picture your scale before you again and see how high your trust in universe is now. I bet your number raised!