I work a lot with women who experience heartache after a relation break-up. When it has been a relation where they’ve experienced trauma, they often blame themselves for what has happened.

It’s important to look at what such an experience can teach you. There’s always some message in every situation what you have as a pain point that was triggered, and can be healed now.

Most of the time my clients discover there is an emptiness inside them, which creates a neediness from a partner to fill that hole (of emptiness) up with love. It means you’re looking outside yourself for love to fill up an emptiness inside yourself. But the only one who can fill up that emptiness is YOU.

When I bring a client to the root cause of that emptiness inside her, the situation can be healed and transformed and the hole of emptiness can be filled up with self-love. With no emptiness anymore, you’ll radiate to the world that you’re whole and complete. There’s no need to connect with a partner who has a hole inside too. You’ll attract a partner who also has a healed heart filled up with self-love. And that will bring you a complete different relationship. A relationship where you complement each other instead of completing each other. That’s a relation of a higher vibration with pure love.

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