A situation happens, at work or in your private life. You have several emotions and try to keep yourself standing in this situation. Afterwards you have many thoughts about what happened. They keep on circling around in your head. You want silence in your mind, but your thoughts seem to live their own life and don’t quiet down. It keeps you awake at night. In daytime it occupies you so much, that you’re not functioning well. Your vibration has gone low and you don’t seem to be able to increase it. You prefer to stay in bed and do nothing, because your head is so busy it consumes all your energy.

This is what’s happening with most of my clients who do the Take Back Control over your Life Program. A guided meditation or breathing exercises is only giving some relief for a little while. It can feel as if your mind is taking you over. Powerlessness is the experience. Thankfully there is a way to change your situation and have back the control again over your mind. This is how I work with clients:

Unravelling what’s happening in your head

Together we are unravelling what’s happening in your head. How does is it feel, how does it look like if you have to draw it? There are emotions connected to all events you’ve experienced. When these emotions aren’t completely released, the past event can’t be integrated completely. During your daily life you’ll experience that situations, words, or even smells can trigger emotions inside you. This means emotions come quickly to the surface again. It’s a message from your body that these emotions are ready to be released. It’s a positive sign. Now it’s up to you to take action upon this message of your body.

Face every emotion that you’re carrying inside you. Think about emotions as anger, sadness, fears, resentment, frustration, hurt and pain. Acknowledge every single emotion and allow it to be there. Where you might try to suppress it in daily life with food or addictions or escaping behaviour, you can better allow it to be there instead. Speak out loud what you feel with sentences like: “I feel …”.

Beliefs that block your happiness

I help you find out what beliefs you’ve created in every past event that is still blocking your happiness in your day-to-day life. For example: you could have decided to close your heart because ‘you can’t trust anyone’. See the impact of this belief here? Your heart is closed which means you can’t receive love, you can feel disconnected and unsupported. It’s important to release this belief and open your heart again. And of course to find out what it is you need to trust people again.

Every emotion you have released, will create more silence in your head. It’ll help you function well because you can focus and concentrate on tasks and get things done, you’ll sleep better, you’ll feel more energised, you’ll be more grounded with the earth, and you’ll feel lighter and happier. From here you can take actions to make your dreams come true and that’s what makes life interesting again. You’re a creator again, spreading your light and love to the world.

Do you want to make this change in your life too? I’m offering 3 FREE Explore your Happiness Sessions of approx. 30 minutes to discuss your personal situation and to give you some useful tips and advices how you can start changing your situation. Apply now through the form of this link: https://astridboot.com.au/free-explore-your-happiness-session/, and I’ll contact you within 24 hours to schedule your free session.