I do! Christmas time is a difficult time for lots of people, because they can’t be together with their loved ones (because they passed away, are living far away from each other, are separated because of a trauma like war, or aren’t on speaking terms with each other), I’ll be sending my monthly Free Distant Energy Healing on Wednesday 24 December 2014 from 8-9 p.m. to everybody who wants to join this healing. But I’ll also send it to places/areas where war/fighting is going on, to hospitals and caring & nursing homes where people can’t express their feelings themselves, to places where accidents happened to cleanse the energy of the accidents, to victims of crime (physical, mental and emotional), to people who are in the dark and want to come into the light again by changing their lives.

World PeaceWith the healing I’ll ask for help to make wishes come true. In conversations I pick up a lot of wishes like:

  • to connect and communicate again between family members;
  • to have the money to visit family members;
  • to get pregnant;
  • to find the job/work that gives fulfilment;
  • to move to a house where they are safe & secure;
  • to open their heart to feel the warmth of love;
  • to have a relationship between parent and child being positive and encouraging;
  • to only focus on positivity in life;
  • to be their true self and show that to everyone.

My wish is for all these people who spoke out their desires to have all their dreams come true in the right time for them (yes, trust Divine Timing). Expect the miracle you wish for to happen and be open to receive. Because when your wish has come true, and you feel wonderful, that makes me feel wonderful too.

So the same is the case with love. If I send love to so many people during the healing and with my positive thoughts for everyone to open their heart and being able to receive love, to choose love and to live love, I’m adding to World Peace. That’s my belief.

What I want to ask from you is to participate in my free healing, tell your intention to the Universe that you want to add to World Peace, to a world where love and light is in every person and radiates to all other people, to consciousness about love. If your intention for the healing is to spread the healing further, like a huge love heart over the world, I am very grateful for your help. I think it’s a beautiful Christmas thought to participate and make world peace a step closer for ourselves and the generations after us.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! With lots of love!