What do you like to see changed in your life:

  • Do you want a romantic relationship with your soul mate?
  • Do you want a job that gives you joy?
  • Do you want more money to pay your bills and do more things that bring you joy (i.e. going on a holiday)?
  • Do you want to have more time for yourself or quality time with your kids?

changeWhen you have one or more of these desires, you can be constantly wondering yourself how you can achieve this. But there is an easy way to start creating all this!

First you have to have clear for yourself what you exactly want and what’s important for you. Let’s take a romantic relationship with your soul mate. What is for you your soul mate? What’s your perfect partner? Grab paper and a pen and write it down. Is it the way they look, is it that they experienced a lot in life (like you) and that they have already released their past, is it that they love and accept themselves completely, is it that they want the best for you, etc.? Write down everything you can think of, and if you get new insights, add them to your list.

In case of a job that gives you joy. Create your list with what’s important for you in a job. List the days and times you want to work, what makes you happy in work (the product or service the company sells or colleagues from the same age that have a lot of humour, appreciation from your manager for your work), in which location do you want to work (in the same town, or within 20 km), what salary do you want to earn, etc.?

Now, what’s the big trick to do with your list(s) to get your desired changes manifested in your life? Here it comes!

Write down on top of your lists ‘Dear Angels, please help me attract and receive this in my life’, and write under your list ‘This or something better God/Angels’, put the lists in an envelope, let it all go and leave it to the angels. Trust they will deliver. You can light a candle to ask the angels to help you manifest everything you wrote in your lists. Just expect it all to happen in your life and from now on, open yourself for guidance and signs what to do. When you’re looking for work or another job, start spreading the news what you’re looking for, look around and open your ears. When you see or hear about an interesting job, you’ll notice with the feelings in your body that you have to take action on this one. It’s like ‘you know’ this is your job.

Don’t connect a time frame to your wishes. The angels now know what you want in life and they’ll help you to get it. Sometimes it can come in an unexpected way. I like to give some examples from my own life. I created a list for a romantic relationship. I only wanted true love, so with my soul mate. Better no relationship than one with someone who wasn’t true love and my soul mate. It was a long list J. The angels delivered! My current husband is definitely my soul mate and he only missed two ticks on my list; he’s a few years older than I asked for, and he lives in Australia (instead of 20 km from where I used to live). The age was no problem for me, and the distance… I emigrated to Australia to be with him! Another example: after my divorce in 2009 I needed to find a new house, but I didn’t have a steady income back then. I created a list about my perfect house, I drove through the town where I wanted to stay and told the angels which parts I liked to live and added that to my list. I wrote what rent I could pay. One week before I had to move from my house (because it was sold), I got the keys of my new house, which was exactly what I asked for, except it had to be cleaned completely because it was very dirty inside from the last habitants (that was no problem for me). And a very recent example: I wanted a group of six students for my new course Improve your Mediumship. On the day before the course started, I only had one spot left and in the morning I asked the angels in meditation to deliver the sixth student. In the afternoon I received a phone call and the sixth student enrolled! She was happy with the last spot (she said it felt like it was meant to be for her) and I was even happier with a full group!

If you have experiences with angels’ help, please share them. I love angel stories! It helps others to start creating lists and to start asking for the help of angels too.