A client sometimes writes on her intake form that she just wants to be her old happy self again. She means the person who had energy to get a lot done in a day, was raising her children, was socialising with her friends once in a while, and could handle what was coming on her path. That person has changed after a traumatic experience and suddenly suffers from anxiety, negative thoughts, sleepless nights, feels down and has no energy. And still, I don’t think she’s wanting to be her old self again. Why? Here’s my vision on this.

A traumatic experience changes your life in many ways. There’s a shock moment that the impact of the situation hits you. This is where in your body a red alert flicks on and the message ‘not safe’ takes place and brings you in survival mode. The door of your future can close, which means your dreams won’t or can’t happen as you had in mind. Lots of uncertainties arise and fears of the unknown, fear of the future, fear if you can handle everything that will come on your path from now on, maybe fear of being alone or being different, fear of judgment of others about what happened and what you do from now on. It can decrease your self-esteem totally.

Depending on how heavy the traumatic experience was for you, it can take a lot of courage and work to heal from it. And during the healing process you’ll discover so much more about yourself in a conscious way; it brings you closer to knowing yourself and to become your true self. You release energy blockages and make choices if old behaviour, habits, and beliefs are still suiting you and your life and future, or if you want to change them and create new positive helpful behaviour, healthy habits and positive optimistic thoughts. You can decide to change your complete You into a new person you like better. That’s the opportunity connected to a traumatic experience.

Can you say after this healing transformation process that you have your old happy self back? You have found yourSelf but you are definitely not your old Self anymore. You’re the New You who integrated the traumatic experience and who has released a lot of energy blockages connected to the past. You have freed yourself from your past and have become a new person who lives her life from the connection with her heart; who feels worthy, deserving, and good about herself, who has clear boundaries about what she wants and how, and who communicates clearly about what she wants and is determined to take care of achieving what she wants. You dare to dream again and have clarity about what you need, what makes you happy, and what brings you energy and joy. You will feel safe and you will feel more at peace inside than before the traumatic experience.

If you’re ready to meet this New You in your life to create your new future that will make you happy and more fulfilled, I’d love to work together with you to realise this. I have 5 free sessions of approx. 30 minutes to offer that can take place in the week of 21-24th July. You can apply now on my website page: https://astridboot.com.au/free-explore-your-happiness-session/ and I’ll contact you within 1 business day to schedule your free session.