After a traumatic experience in my life in July 2015 when my husband transitioned, I became very ill early 2016. My organs weren’t functioning properly anymore and my immune system wasn’t protecting me anymore from all types of infections and inflammatory. I had gone in survival mode and needed time to heal. I started using doTERRA oils and it helped me on my path to health; it gave me more energy, it felt really good to use natural products and my body accepted the oils easily, others started to notice that my skin looked good and I looked better and the oils helped detoxing from all the toxics in my body (including emotional blockages and grief), besides the help of naturopathic and homeopathic medication, therapy, kinesiology and healing sessions, and they supported me to get rid of the infections and inflammatory.

I also have had 2 terrible burns on my legs; the first was in 2017 with freshly boiled water straight on my right upper leg and the second was in 2018 where I got sunburnt terribly on both legs including my feet. I immediately applied doTERRA oils after noticing the skin turned red and kept applying them for days, I used my homemade after sun spray with doTERRA oils and aloe vera gel and for a couple of days I used vitamin D cream. The burns healed wonderfully well without scars in both situations.

The doTERRA oils are a new part of my life. I use the oils in self-made sunscreen, moisturising toner, facial serum, hair spray and cleaning products for my house. I also use the oils for aches and burns, colds, headaches, the flu, to support my hormonal balance, and in a diffuser to spread their scent and healing properties through the air in my house (great to concentrate/focus better but also after cooking dinner). I love to use them with cooking to, to make raw organic bliss balls, guacamole, hommus and carrot cake, but there are many more recipes to use the oils for. And we use the doTERRA foaming hand soap and toothpaste every day.

The oils have changed my life. And it’s great to see when my daughter has an issue, she grabs the big oils book to look up which oils she can use to treat herself. I was thrilled to hear from my daughter that her teacher has a diffuser in the class room with doTERRA oils to support concentration and to prevent illness as much as possible (in winter time with bugs and the flu going around).

doTERRA oils are of great value for the whole family. It’s part of creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family.

I’m still learning daily new aspects about the oils and integrating them more in my life, but I like learning about their use and am happy to find things out for your use too!

If you’re interested in using doTERRA essential oils yourself, feel free to contact me through the form below. There’s also more information available on my doTERRA page: with short videos what an essential oil is and what makes doTERRA essential oils so amazing.

I organise workshops about how to use the doTERRA essential oils. You can find them on my website also. Most of the essential oils workshops are for free to participate.

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