In a conversation with my daughter where I’m trying to help her to transform a situation in her life, she closes herself with the communication. Every time this has happened so far, I’ve noticed the same specific feelings and emotions happening in my body, but I didn’t do anything with it. This particular time a few days ago, there was a change; I was easily able to not buy into this emotion, so it wouldn’t have the power over me, but I became aware that the emotion itself didn’t make any sense with the situation happening. I got curious how I could transform this. It became clear to me that I was faced with an emotion being triggered from a past life.

Do you recognise the pattern in situations where every time the same emotion is being triggered?

Have you had this before in your life: that you notice an emotion that doesn’t make any sense for the recurring situation happening to you? And that there hasn’t happened a situation in your life with this person before, that could have caused to experience this emotion? I mean for example if you’ve never had a disagreement with someone before, it doesn’t make sense to feel deep anger inside every time you’re in a conversation with this person. It is possible that you’re experiencing an emotion from a past life here.

You’re presented by an emotion that’s ready to be released and healed in this life. And you will notice that in relationships with people like partners, siblings, parents, children, colleagues, and friends situations occur in your life that contain many emotions. The people the closest, the ones you love the most, will push the most buttons with you. And they will provide the most emotions to solve in this life so that you can finish karma from past lives with them. When you work on acknowledging these emotions and finding a way to release them, you can heal your past. You can break circles and patterns by doing this work on yourself. And that will make you feel lighter and more in contact with your heart and yourSelf.

It’s not always necessary to exactly know what the cause in a past life (or this life) was for the emotion you’re feeling in the present. If you want to break the circle or pattern, it’s a choice of free will to do so, and that choice is often enough to start transforming the situation. Of course it’s a good thing to meditate on what you need to know about the situation and if there’s anything you can learn from it for your personal growth. If you understand the lesson, you won’t experience the same situation again with this emotion. You’ll experience a neutral feeling instead. No trigger anymore.

For the above situation of my emotion being triggered in a conversation with my daughter, it was enough for me to get the insight that it stemmed from a past life. I went for a walk at the beach in the dark later that day and asked the universe for help to let go of the emotion and to heal the situation for good. At home I meditated further on this and was able to transform everything so I felt peaceful inside again. After this I’ve slept well and the day after I felt happy, peaceful inside and grounded.

I invite you to share a recurring situation or pattern you’ve noticed in your life where a specific emotion occurs that you’d like to change. Keep it short and I’m curious which emotion comes with the situation you’re experiencing. You can either leave a comment or send me an email.