When you would have asked me fifteen years ago, how it feels to stand in your power, I would have shrugged my shoulders and said: “I wish I knew, I’m working on it.” Since then I have done several educations, courses and workshops, read many book, have had many sessions with practitioners and released lots of blockages from my past. I have experienced moments where I stood in my power but with traumatic experiences like my divorce in 2009 and then when I lost my husband in 2015, I have also felt out of balance and out of control. But I finally have achieved to find out how it feels to stand in your power and not let this feeling slip away, even in challenging situations. I can tell you now how it feels; it feels joyous, confident, free, strong and proud! It’s a great feeling and I’m super grateful I can feel this now.

If you also want to achieve this, I can imagine your question would be: “What exactly was it that made the change?” It was not one specific thing or method or release, it was everything I did the last fifteen years to work on myself. A special part of what I learned was how to love and nurture myself. I didn’t learn this from my parents. That was a consciousness level they weren’t at back then. I had to discover it myself during my life. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve given my power and energy away in many situations, I’ve chosen actions and communication that I wasn’t proud of afterwards, but I’ve learned from every situation and challenge. Years ago I learned how to call my power and energy back from people and situations and that was so useful. It made me discover who I was and what my energy felt like. Because I’m a healer, an empath and very sensitive, I let my energy intertwine with others and this caused often an energy exchange that left me behind with the low vibrational energy feelings of the other person. But I wasn’t conscious about this energy exchange. I learned it because of a huge decision in my life to free myself and concentrate on what felt different after that decision.

Also changing my diet had a big positive impact on my health. One of the downsides of this is that it’s less fun to go out for dinner, because the restaurants don’t serve a lot that I’d like to eat to nurture my body, but fortunately there are popping up more real healthy food restaurants in the area. I’ve learned so much about nutrition too that is useful in my life. And I learned to listen to my body and find out what foods are good for it and what isn’t. I even discovered that when you start to use a supplement to support your health, you have to tune in with your body to which supplement is right for you. Your body is unique and it’s important to connect with it fully.

Maybe you think after reading this that it can be quite tiring or hard to work so much on yourself. Yes it is! I say this again: yes it is. But it’s worth it. You never know on forehand how long it takes to overcome a challenge, it can feel exhausting, hopeless, frustrating, hard, annoying, awful, like you want to give up and you’re losing faith, but you’ll always come through it. Every little step forward is one forward, even if you feel like going ten steps back after that. You’ll find you’ll recover faster every time this happens and finally you are moving forward with bigger steps, challenges get easier to take and aren’t throwing you back so hard anymore. And then comes that moment where you experience you are in your power, you know what you want, you feel what you want, you feel you’re on the right path and you are determined and unstoppable to create the life you want while feeling good and in balance, proud, confident, free, happy, joyful and at peace. You’re never done with working on yourself. It takes as long as you live. There will always come new challenges on your path. It’s a matter of taking them and keeping that faith that you can deal with them. Wishing you all the strength you need on your journey!