• Is your glass half-full or half-empty?
  • Can you keep your thoughts positive or do they change into negative thoughts during a day?
  • What’s the reason they change during a day?
  • Do you notice how you feel when you have positive thoughts and when you have negative thoughts?
  • How can you transform negative thoughts into positive thoughts again?

Positive thinkingThe questions above help you to become more aware of your thoughts and their influence on your life. If you do your best to always have a glass that’s half-full, it’ll make you feel better. You have a lighter energy, you look for solutions instead of problems, you can see there’ll come sunshine after rain, and you can cope better with life and its challenges. And you feel more energetic, vital and fit. Let’s not forget that you’ll attract positive circumstances too!

How can your positive thoughts change during the day? Let me give you a personal example.

When I was in the last year of my hypnotherapy education I started to notice that when I was feeling good, happy, and energetic, and my mother visited me, there happened something weird. My mother felt depressed when she came but when she left, she felt happy and when I closed the door behind her, I was tired and felt terrible, depressed, and I was thinking negative about life.

I became aware of the exchange of our energy. And I didn’t look forward to her visits because I felt so terrible afterwards.

First, I was angry that she ‘did this to me’. That’s a human reaction, but I learned from it that it was me who gave her the power to change my mood and thoughts. So it’s about responsibility and power.

I took one year of time for myself to find out what was happening. I discovered what my own energy and my mother’s energy was, I learned how to stay in my own energy and not let anyone change it anymore. I held the power of my energy and mood to me. I took responsibility for my own thoughts and mood. If someone else was feeling bad, I could listen and even give advices to try help them become more positive, without letting it influence my energy and mood. That made such a difference! I became more confident, more self-assured and more self-aware. My self-esteem increased too. I took responsibility for my own thoughts and mood and left the responsibility for someone else’s thoughts and mood with them. For me it was life changing!

Now, if you grew up in a family where people judged and criticised, where the glass was always half-empty, where people took the victim role about everything that happened in their lives, where you took over this pattern of thinking, how do you change that into positive thinking? Often it takes an experience of a crisis or confusion in your life, where you are jolted or nudged into rethinking. Only YOU can decide to change your thoughts into positive thinking. Nobody can do it for you. It’s all about the power of your mind; YOU can achieve your goals if YOU set your mind to it.

So, are you ready to change your thoughts into positive thinking?

If you want to change your thought pattern into positive thinking, it means you need to take responsibility and stop blaming others and circumstances for a lack of progress in your career or a strained personal life. By questioning why someone behaves in a certain way toward you, questioning your own behaviour and your responsibility, helps you handle your difficulties in a more reasoned and adult way. This is where growth takes place.

Here are four steps to change your thoughts, thought process, and thought pattern into positive thinking:

  1. Sit quietly and contemplate for a few minutes each day some of the negative thoughts you have had during this day. Ask yourself what it was, and why it was, that you allowed these negative thoughts to enter your mind. What was it that triggered these thoughts? It might be that you allow other people’s moods to affect you. Or you could be the kind of person who finds it hard to ‘lighten up’ when you’re in a really depressing situation. Ask yourself why that is. Some people just like being miserable. Are you one of them?
  2. Make a list of the various effects that you believe positive thinking can have on other people’s lives generally, and then make another list of the effects that positive thinking can have on your own life in particular. Read the lists out loud, until you begin to feel in a really positive and happy frame of mind. As you state each point, it might be good to remember some small thing that occurred in the day that made you feel good.
  3. Make another list, and list only the good/positive factors in your personality. Read them out loud and begin each sentence with ‘I am’. Do this firmly and with confidence, and when you have finished reading out loud all the points, end with the same statement ‘I am’.
  4. Find or create positive affirmations, write them on post-it papers and stick them on places in your house where you see them constantly, like on a mirror, on the kitchen bench, a cupboard door, your wardrobe door. You can even stick a post-it on the steering-wheel of your car. Some examples: I am more confident. I love and accept myself completely. I take responsibility for my thoughts. I am a powerful being. I only have positive thoughts. I achieve whatever I want with positive thoughts. I only think positive from the high point of love. Every day brings me something positive. I attract and receive miracles the whole day. My life goes smoothly. I radiate positivity so I’ll only attract positivity. And of course you can ask your spirit guides and angels to help you with taking responsibility for your thoughts and to only have positive thoughts.