I’ve sent out an early newsletter for April with some free resources for you to use in this time where anxiety, fears, panic, and stress are at a high. It also contains a beautiful part of a reading message from a reading I did for a client recently, that might give you some inner peace and hope.

First I’d like to confirm that I am still available to work with you online (through Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger) or on distance with a photo. I’m experienced working like that because I’ve done this a lot back in the Netherlands and still have some international clients I work with online. Because I work with energy, the results in a face-to-face session are the same as in an online session.
I know there’s a lot of fears and anxiety in everyone at the moment, and stress about juggling your work plus teaching your kids at home, or having lost your job or business, etc. Feel free to contact me what you’re experiencing that you’d like to release and transform, so we can work together on getting you back into experiencing an inner peace and being in the vibration of trust and creative solutions.

I set my intentions every morning for the day, and it helps me in my life. Of course I experience days when the fear kicks in too, and then I acknowledge the fear and work with meditation and self-help techniques to release it again, and to come back to trust and inner peace. I’d like to give a positive affirmation in this newsletter that might help you on your path too:
“I choose to focus on love and peace, and to only have positive, loving, and abundant thoughts today.”

Recently I did a reading on distance for a client with her deceased grandmother. This came through as a message about how she could best deal with the Coronavirus situation. I thought it was such a beautiful message of love, that I’d like to share it with you.
“Keep focusing on the bigger picture with the Coronavirus; how the world transitions to a higher vibration, a higher level of consciousness, how people are finding ways inside themselves to connect and how they are forced by staying home to go deep inside themselves to find their own truth.
See how children are teaching their parents how much wisdom they possess, and how they empathise with the situation of stress round jobs, work, income, and how they contribute in their own fantastic way that makes their parents realise what a Great human their children are inside.
See how the world is uniting, because everyone is facing the same issue with the same fears. Approach this time with an open heart to learn and grow, to let come to the surface what you can release and transform for your highest & greatest good, to be a more evolved being. And stay positive and optimistic, so you can be a role model for the people around you, to do the same. Send love to each other, reach out to whoever needs help and who you can help in your situation. Be there for people who want your help. Don’t judge, but just be there.
Learn to discover that when you can have that inner peace, you can handle everything in life, because you can trust and have faith in that everything happens for a reason. It’s okay to not know all the answers, the uncertainty and not having control are to discover how you can trust. Sometimes it’s enough to just choose to trust, and let go, surrender, knowing that what must happen for you, will happen.
Don’t be scared to die because only your human body will die, your soul just moves on to have more amazing experiences. It’s beyond your comprehension when you’re on earth, but being freed from your human body, is an incredible experience. And the opportunity here in heaven to further grow/develop is such a gift/blessing. There is still freedom of choice here; you can choose what you’d like to learn more about. And you can connect with so many other souls who are great teachers with more experience and knowledge.
That’s what’s happening on earth now too; people are reaching out to others for what they need and what others can provide. We teach each other how you can deal with the situation and what methods work for you that could help others. People on earth are opening up more to share, instead of keeping knowledge and resources to themselves. And the focus is turning away more and more from making money to being of service to one another.”

I’ve created two videos with an EFT Tapping session to help you go back to inner peace about the whole situation. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is a very simple practice for self-help with a big effect for your health. It works with meridian points and ‘tells’ your amygdala (the place in your head that goes into a fight or flight reaction in traumas) that it can be at peace. Here are the video links:
1. EFT Tapping to let go of stress, anxiety, panic, and fears about the Corona virus, link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQAC1qgcjQ8. I created a Dutch version too for those interested in that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7DpoyMUtUA
2. EFT Tapping for small business owners affected by the Coronavirus, link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlMxu63_Bf8

Please know that on my website page https://astridboot.com.au/free-gifts/ are also two audio files;
1. To ground, cleanse, connect, and protect yourself.
2. For kids called Tinklebell’s Goodnight Trick, as a short bedtime meditation to sleep peacefully.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, help others where you see you can help, and know you are loved, supported, and guided by lots of Light Beings in the universe. The spiritual purpose of the virus is to rise above the fear vibration, and we can do this and will be successful. Trust.

Warm greetings and sending you love & hope,