In two weeks time it’ll be Mercury Retrograde again, which is a great opportunity to focus on your Self, what you can let go that doesn’t serve you any longer and what you can create to have the life you dream of. For the creating part, I recently pulled the card Manifesting, and it contained a beautiful exercise to manifest. I’d love to share this exercise with you because to me it was a new way of manifesting through your chakras and it seems very powerful. You can use this exercise for all topics in your life to manifest abundance, a beautiful house, a true love relationship, new like-minded friends, perfect health, a career that is your purpose and completely fulfilling, etc.

“The following Heart-Manifestation Balance helps you bring your heart, solar plexus and navel chakras into alignment so that your energy can work for you.

  • Your heart chakra (location: centre of your chest) represents your heart’s desires and intuition;
  • Your solar plexus chakra (location: the centre of your midriff) represents your sense of self, material reality and your gut instincts’; and
  • Your navel chakra (location: just below your navel) represents your creativity, fertility and ability to manifest.

Simply imagine a flow of energy and light moving through and connecting the three of them in a figure-8 configuration. [8 means infinity and a new beginning.]

When you begin, it may be difficult to visualise or feel anything. The figure-8 may feel heavy or sluggish, or weak and watery. In its healthy state, this energy connection will be rich in a beautiful, bright colour and feel like a strong, even flow pulsing up and down through the figure-8 shape. Placing your hands on any of these three chakras may help you feel the energy, and closing your eyes can make it easier to sense the clear, bright colour emerging in your heart-manifestation connection.

Once you have a feel for the energy pulsing up and down smoothly you can add the final ingredient of this practice – focus on what it is you would like to manifest. This is a great balance to do as you are lying in bed. Morning or evening is fine – you can start your day by tuning into your heart’s desire or drift off to sleep while connecting to all that is available to you in the universe.”

What do you want to manifest with the above exercise? Share your dream life in a comment below.

[The card Manifestation is from the card deck True Love Reading Cards by Belinda Grace]