On this page you’ll find information about activities for groups.


Readings for a Group

If you plan to organise a group event with your friends, and you’d like to have a psychic medium coming in to do readings for all of you, that’s possible! I can do psychometry readings for a group. This is how it goes: before I arrive, everyone puts a piece of jewellery of themselves in a bowl. This means I don’t know for who I’m reading. I give a reading per person by connecting with their energy through their piece of jewellery. At the end of every reading, the person who I just read for, can ask a few questions to be answered.

Do you want to discuss your plans for readings for a group in your living room or at another location? Give me a call on 0410 046 766 or fill out the contact form below to contact me for more information.

Because of the Coronavirus I don’t offer this service till further notice.