In the last month of the year, I’d like you to look back and become aware of your personal growth and strength. It’s going to be a guided meditation for you. In this meditation you’ll be guided to feel in your body what emotions, feelings, and blocking beliefs you might have from situations you’ve experienced in 2018 and how you can let them go. You’ll find out what you’ve learned in the past year and what lessons you still need to learn. With the help of Mother Nature you’ll cleanse yourself and discover what action steps you can take to change your life. You can read this meditation below or you can click on this link ( to watch the YouTube video of it.

Close your eyes and breathe in Love, then breathe out Peace. Repeat this a few times and breathe as deep as you can to your lower tummy. Feel the fresh air refreshing your lungs and spreading through your body.

Now go with your attention to your tail bone and visualise a golden grounding chord starting to grow downwards through all layers of the earth, until it reaches the centre of Mother Earth. Here you’ll find your personal spot where you can fasten your chord and pull it tight. Do the same to ground your feet. Go with your attention to your foot soles and from the middle of your feet, you’ll visualise a grounding chord growing down into the earth, through all layers, until you reach the centre of Mother Earth. You also fasten these chords here and pull them tight. You might feel you sink a bit deeper in your chair now, or you can feel like a magnet being pulled towards the earth. This means you’re grounded well.

I invite you to visualise yourself now sitting at the beach at a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed. You see the beautiful clear water of the ocean before you. You hear the waves rolling onto the beach and you notice how peaceful this is. It relaxes your body. All your muscles relax and you feel how the tension simply flows out of your body with every breath. Now focus on the weather and see the sun shining brightly. Feel on your skin the warmth and soothing energy of the sun and feel how this energises your body and makes you feel safe and calm. Oh, look, in the distance you can see a group of dolphins jumping in and out of the water. Isn’t that just fabulous to witness? A special show for you, to let you know you are supported and surrounded by nature’s help and healing abilities. Let this open your heart and feel the gratitude of this moment. Let it flow to all of your cells and experience how you are completely in this moment. In the NOW.

I’d like to ask you to visualise the number 2018 before you and observe what this number causes for feelings in your body. Do you feel good about the year 2018, or do you notice any parts in your body where stress pops up? Just observe without judgement. Every feeling you experience is totally fine.

Now, take a moment and let all memories of the year 2018 come to the surface. Without any judgment, just acknowledge every feeling you’ll experience and let it be there. Give it space. Let the following situations come to the surface: situations that happened in your relationships with others, in your love life, your family life, with work, the place you live, and about your finances.

  • What was your worst experience?
  • What was your happiest experience?
  • What was your scariest experience?
  • What was your angriest experience?
  • What was your saddest experience?
  • When were you the most proud of yourself?

Take a moment to reflect on any other memories that arise.

Notice how you are feeling. What is happening in your body? Where do you feel something in your body? For example; in your head, in your throat, your stomach, your heart, your bowel, your back?

What did you learn this past year? And then, what is it that you still have to learn? Be open for whatever insight you receive. What feelings do you take with you to the new year? Based upon your experiences the past year, what have you decided to change in your life? What actions do you need to take to start these changes? What can be your first action to take right now? Make a mental note of this action step so that you’ll remember it perfectly after this meditation and you can take your action immediately.

Look at the ocean before you again and now, give the intention to let go of everything you’ve experienced the past year, that you don’t wanna take with you any longer. Emotions like fears, anger, sadness, hurt and pain, confusion and powerlessness. Give it to the ocean and thank it for transforming it in Love and Light for you. Experience how much lighter this makes you feel.

You know what? Let’s take a dive in the ocean to cleanse yourself with the help of the salty water. You’ll notice suddenly your clothes have changed into swimwear, you walk to the ocean, walk into the water and take a nice dive under a wave. Feel how this cleanses your energy, how refreshing this is, and how close in contact you are with nature right now. Feel how you are one with nature. Take a few dives more if you want. Give all your worries and cares, your doubts and concerns to the ocean while you dive under the waves. Just let it all go. Free yourself from it. And then, when you’re ready, walk out of the water, back onto the sand to your spot, where you’ll find a towel to dry yourself. Feel how the sun warms you up and dries you fast. Notice how confident and vitalised you feel after this swim.

Now call back all your energy, power and all parts of you, wherever they are. Let them simply fly back to you, transformed in love and light. Feel how nice it is to be complete and whole again. This is all your energy, you are the owner and you take responsibility to own it from now on. It’s yours and you use it for yourself, to stand in your power and achieve your dreams.

Where in your body do you feel your power? Just make a scan from your head down to your toes. Where is your power? Good, you found it. This spot is important for you. In every quiet time you take for yourself, you can go with your attention to this spot and you can check if all your power is still there. If you’ve given away your power, simply call it back, because it’s yours, you’re the owner and it belongs to you. Give the intention to your power to expand and flow through every cell of your body, and also to fill your aura around you. You can even add Love energy to it, from your heart. Anchor this power in your body. The first thing that pops up in your mind how to anchor your power, is exactly how you can do this. Everything you need, is available. Go ahead and anchor your power. It’s given to you to achieve your dreams and to experience happiness and joy on this planet Earth.

You’re ready now to return back to your daily life, your own environment, and I’m going to count you back from 1 to 10. With 10 you’ll be back with a clear mind and ready to continue your daily activities with new energy and joy.

  1. prepare yourself to go back to your own environment
  2. take all your experiences from this visualisation with you
  3. all your insights, your power and energy and all parts of you
  4. everything is integrated in you and you feel whole and complete
  5. you feel one with nature and one with your body and your Self
  6. you feel grounded well with Mother Earth
  7. you feel powerful, ready to take action
  8. you feel confident and clear in your mind
  9. you feel you are perfect as you are, and
  10. you are back in your own chair, in your own house, feeling grateful for this experience, you can stretch your body if you want, and then open your eyes again.

Thank you for doing this meditation. I wish you a beautiful day filled with Love and blessings and lots of success with your action steps! Make your dreams come true. You can do it! You have all it needs to create your own happiness. I send you encouragement and strength.