There are two Guided Meditation CDs available, one for adults and one for children.The CDs contain spoken texts without background music. From May 2017 there’s a new release of the CDs that replaces the old ones.



On the Guided Meditation CD (for adults) are 5 tracks:

  1. Introduction
  2. Grounding
  3. Cutting cords
  4. Clear psychic attacks
  5. Receive gifts from the universe







On the Children’s Guided Meditation CD are 6 tracks:

  1. Introduction
  2. Grounding
  3. To feel loved
  4. Positive affirmations to love yourself
  5. Learn about acceptance, kindness, gratefulness & respect
  6. Discover your safe space





Order here:

You can pay via PayPal (including paying with your credit card via PayPal) via the buttons below. The price is including postage within Australia. Unfortunately there goes only 1 CD in a CD mailbox which means every CD has to be sent separately with postage.

Of course you can call or email me to schedule a day and time when you want to pick up your CD in Coniston, so you only pay the price of the CD itself, which is $ 15.

Please make sure your account has the right delivery (shipping) address with your payment, because that’s the address your order will be send to.

* Guided Meditations CD (for adults), $ 19.70

* Children’s Guided Meditations CD, $ 19.70

* Set of Guided Meditations CD (for adults) plus Children’s Guided Meditations CD, $ 39.40