I’ve decided to put my Guided Meditation CDs ON SALE with free postage in the Illawarra region, NSW. This action is as long as stock lasts.

There are two Guided Meditation CDs available, one for adults and one for children.The CDs contain spoken texts without background music.



On the Guided Meditation CD (for adults) are 5 tracks:

  1. Introduction
  2. Grounding
  3. Cutting cords
  4. Clear psychic attacks
  5. Receive gifts from the universe








On the Children’s Guided Meditation CD are 6 tracks:

  1. Introduction
  2. Grounding
  3. To feel loved
  4. Positive affirmations to love yourself
  5. Learn about acceptance, kindness, gratefulness & respect
  6. Discover your safe space





Order here:

You can pay via PayPal (including paying with your credit card via PayPal) via the buttons below. The price is including postage in the Illawarra region NSW.

Of course you can call or email me to schedule a day and time when you want to pick up your CD in Wollongong too.

Please make sure your account has the right delivery (shipping) address with your payment, because that’s the address your order will be send to.

* Guided Meditations CD (for adults), $ 8.00

* Children’s Guided Meditations CD, $ 8.00

* Set of Guided Meditations CD (for adults) plus Children’s Guided Meditations CD, $ 16.00