The mornings are quiet outside because most people work from home here in the lockdown again. It’s school holiday and the rain outside invites to sleep in a bit and enjoy the warmth of my bed. I do morning prayers while sitting in bed and it raises my vibration, which feels really nice. It’s not only prayers for myself but for the whole world, to flood the earth with the violet and ascension flame. It gives me an empowered feeling to do something for the world in this way, because there’s too much out there we have no control over. It is only a little action for such a big world, but I believe every act of love and light contributes.

We’re halfway 2021 and a lot has already happened. I’ve seen many clients with spiritual awakenings and lots of questions about what they experience and how they can connect themselves to their truth and to the Light. I’ve also had many clients who decided to break patterns they became aware of being in, clients who decided they wanted to let go of traumatic experiences and resentment feelings that were still being triggered in daily life, and clients who decided they needed help to relax and recharge their energy. I’ve seen the result of clients feeling empowered again, having clarity in their mind and taking action steps to realise their dreams. They reconnected their mind with their body and heart, chose to instruct their mind and ego to have positive, loving and abundant thoughts and to let their heart rule the mind. These clients realigned themselves with the vibration of happiness, joy, light, peace, health, confidence and abundance. I saw their tight skin transform into a soft relaxed skin. The frown between their eyebrows and on their forehead disappeared from their look.

There was a lot of negative energy around too and every now and then I get clients on my path who experience negativity attached to them, their family, their house or in general their lives and wellbeing. It can feel as if you want to move forward but something is stopping you and you can’t grab what it is, all this accompanied with negative thoughts that you recognise as not yours because normally you’re an optimistic and positive person. It can make you feel depleted, tired, exhausted, and drained. Just imagine the freedom they feel again when the negativity is removed and they can feel themselves again. The energy starts flowing again through their body and a smile comes back on their face.

Clients have lost loved ones and I have lost my first client to leukemia. Thankfully Reiki healing has helped and helps with the grieving process of my clients to integrate their losses.
I’ve also had the pleasure of giving healing sessions to a few ladies who had the wish to become a mum and fell pregnant and received that wonderful news. I even received photos of a baby born in Dubai of one of my clients. That was super special. Birth of new life is a beautiful gift in this time and brings a lot of joy. It fills up my heart with gratitude and love.

If you notice your energy goes up and down, I advise you to take the time to acknowledge the feelings, emotions and thoughts that come with it. Don’t ignore or suppress them, but instead take the time to feel them, to focus on them until they fade away and then you can fill yourself up with love. A walk in nature can definitely be very helpful when you feel moody, anxious, depressed, scared, sad, angry, lonely, floating, out of balance or constantly in your head with busyness and stress. If you can’t get yourself back into balance, being relaxed and grounded with mother earth, seek help from a person you resonate with. Your intuition will tell you. I am still open because I deliver ‘medical care’ and available for sessions to help empower you to have more clarity in your mind, experience a relaxed body, feeling confident and happy and to be able to create the life you love.