Imagine how it would be to have Peace of Mind. It’s such a blessing to experience this! But most of the time my clients tell me they experience thoughts going round in circles and they don’t know how to stop their thoughts. It’s like the same thoughts keep on swirling in their head but can’t find a way out. What does this cause in their daily lives? First of all: sleeping problems like difficulties falling asleep or waking up in the middle of the night and difficulties to fall asleep again. And besides sleeping issues, a busy mind can cause anxiety, sometimes even depression. A very unpleasant experience that you definitely want to change. So how can you free yourself of all these thoughts and achieve peace of mind?

The first thing to start with, is to acknowledge the busyness in your mind. Acknowledge your thoughts going round. Then focus on these thoughts. Are they about one specific subject or situation, or are they like a things-to-do list? Write down what thoughts you’re experiencing in your mind. Write down your things-to-do list so that you can start taking the actions to tick them off one by one until your list is done. If your thoughts are about situations in your life, write them down and focus further on them. What feelings and emotions are connected to these situations? In general you probably have feelings and emotions related to fears, anger or sadness. Feel what you’re afraid, angry or sad about and say it out loud. Sense what it does to you when you say it out loud. It will clear your mind. Continue this process till your head is ’empty’, till you’ve achieved peace of mind. Now expand this peace of mind feeling to every cell in your body. Feel the blessing.

Sometimes there can be other reasons for not having peace of mind, like not having balance in your life between work and private life or between work and relaxation or exercise/movement. Figure out what your body needs and take actions to change your life so you’ll have that balance, relaxation and exercise/movement in your life again. In meditation you can go with your attention to your heart and ask what your body needs and how you can achieve that. The answers can be surprising!

Your busy mind can cause health issues too like digestive problems. And did you know heavy metals like lead, mercury and aluminium can be present in your body but also in your head? Cilantro/Coriander is a perfect herb to eat in salads, or to use in juices or smoothies to detox from heavy metals in your body. You’ll notice heightened energy, greater clarity, an improved complexion, and a more positive mood. I’m using doTERRA Cilantro oil on a daily base and fresh Coriander in my salads and feel my energy level has increased and I have a clearer mind.

Of course you can use other essential oils in a diffuser to help you relax and make you calmer. Really good oils to assist you in this process are Lavender, Ylang Ylang but also Balance (to ground you instead of being constantly in your head with your energy).

Going into nature is a great way to achieve peace of mind too. You can give the intention that the sea, mountain or trees will absorb all the busyness in your mind, all your worries and fears, and help you ground again.

And meditating is a great way to get a calmer mind. Especially a guided meditation like a mindfulness meditation is helpful, because it focuses on your breathing which helps you ground well and achieving a quiet mind. But you can also just observe your thoughts as clouds in your head, see them drifting by and disappear until there are no clouds in your head anymore.

If you’d like assistance in the process of releasing all the busyness in your mind to achieve peace of mind and feel the blessing of having peace of mind, I’m happy to assist you in a spiritual therapy session. Feel free to contact me for more information or to book an appointment.