Healing can help you cleanse, balance and recharge your energy, anchor you in the centre of Mother Earth, connect you with your personal spot in the universe and have a protection around your aura again. It helps you to be in balance and feel connected again, to be in your own energy space and to feel empowered.

If you have one or more of the items listed below, Healing is an efficient way to help you cleanse and transform your energy so you can cope with the challenges in your life again.

Here are life experiences that can block your energy, balance and happiness:

  • you feel low in energy or are burnt out and you want to ‘recharge your battery’ by receiving extra energy;
  • you suffer from anxiety and stress and want to feel calm;
  • you suffer from physical pain and want relief;
  • you feel alone or lonely and want to feel connected;
  • you feel depressed and low in energy and you want to feel happier and more joyful;
  • you have a busy mind and worry thoughts and want a tranquil mind;
  • you have sleeping problems i.e. difficulties falling asleep or waking up several times during the night and difficulties falling asleep again, and you want to transform this into a relaxed, deep sleep every night;
  • you have a ‘broken heart’ and are grieving about a loss or traumatic life experience and need some enlightenment and healing for this;
  • you feel disconnected from your intuition and want to restore the connection;
  • you don’t feel like yourself or have the feeling that your body and aura are full of other people’s energy and want to have your energy cleansed.

What do you do in a Healing?

You lie down on your back on a massage table and a blanket over you to keep you comfortably warm. You remain dressed, you only take off your shoes. If it’s summertime and warm, I still advise you to bring socks so you can wear them while receiving the healing. Your feet can quickly cool down during a Healing. You close your eyes and open yourself to receive the healing.

How does a Healing work?

Firstly I give the intention to serve your highest and greatest good with the Healing. You also give your personal intention for the Healing with your thoughts to your spirit guides and angels. This means what you want to heal and what outcome you want for the Healing. I ask my guides and angels, the Archangels, Ascended Masters and The Source/God/Creator to help and guide me during the Healing and to work together with your guides and angels.

I connect myself with The Source/God/Creator and through my crown chakra (energy point on top of my head) I let The Source energy, which is pure, unconditional love energy, flow through my head, neck and arms to my hands. I add pure, unconditional love from my heart to this, and through my hands all loving energy flows into your body. The energy will flow to the places in your body where it’s needed the most.

During a Healing my hands are on your skin/clothes. I start with placing my hands on your head/hair and my hands change positions i.e. over your ears and eyes, at the back of your head and on your forehead and neck. When I come to your shoulders and chest, you’ll often already experience a tranquil mind.

I change positions with my hands on your upper body, then go to your legs, your feet and your arms till your hands. Then I balance your chakras and put a protection around your aura. While giving you the Healing, your aura will cleansed automatically too.

You heal yourself, I only provide energy from The Source

There’s a misunderstanding about Healing. Often I hear that people think the Healer heals the client. This is not true. The Healer only provides pure, unconditional love energy from The Source to you. This takes place on a soul level, so you can heal yourself. The Healer is only a channel to pass on the pure, unconditional love energy from The Source to you. You can learn how to tap into this Source energy yourself too, but during a Healing session with me, you’ve chosen to receive the Healing energy with the help from an experienced Healer.

What else can happen during a Healing?

It’s possible that you’ll experience feelings of warmth, tingling, or a warm or cold breeze on your skin, where my hands are placed on your skin/clothes. Even feeling a warm flow through your whole body at the end of the Healing is possible. I can ask you if you feel a warmth at a certain place when I experience my hands start to produce extra heat. This means there’s going extra energy to the spot where my hands are. The extra energy helps for you to heal that spot.

It can occur that you get thoughts/memories of a situation in your past when my hands are place on a certain spot. This could mean this situation in the past is connected to this spot i.e. as a blockage. Because you get the thought/memory, you become conscious of this connection so you can let it go. You may tell me about what you’re experiencing during your Healing too, but if you prefer to be completely silent, that’s fine with me too. It’s even possible you fall asleep during a Healing.

Sometimes I receive an intuitive feeling, reading info or a channelled message for you during your Healing. I’ll pass those on to you immediately. If necessary, I’ll use some Spiritual Therapy techniques to help you release a blockage during your Healing.

What happens after a Healing?

At the end of the Healing I’ll tell you the Healing is finished and you can take some time before you get up from the massage table. It’s important to first roll on your side, wait a while and when you feel good, to sit up straight with both your legs at one side of the massage table. I’ll ask how you feel and if you feel grounded and fully back into your body. If you’re still experiencing you’re floating, I’ll use a massage technique pushing with my lower arms on your shoulders a few times, to help you to ground and be back in your body again. After that, you can stand up from the table. Now it’s important to drink a glass of water. Please take my advice to drink a lot of filtered water the first 24 hours after your Healing. It’s possible you feel very tired after your Healing and need some extra sleep to integrate the energy. If this is the case for you, acknowledge this to your body and schedule in some extra rest.

How many Healing sessions do you need?

Every person responds in a unique way to a Healing. Mostly my clients feel very relaxed, calm, and in balance afterwards. The Healing energy can work from 24 hours to a couple of weeks. It depends on where your energy level was before the Healing and when you feel you need to add some energy again because you feel tired (exhausted, drained by others, low in energy because of your circumstances) or out of balance again.

You can choose to do a single Healing session and then experience if you feel you need a next one, or you can choose to book a program of six Healing sessions so you can work on healing yourself to achieve personal growth in a structural way. I’ve had many clients doing a program where they’ve experienced a huge shift in their lives on many levels, where they healed life experiences from the past, maintained their balance and felt empowered and their environment gave feedback how they radiated happiness, strength and light. A program is attractive too because the price per session is reduced compared to booking single sessions. You can do a session once a week, but some people need more time i.e. two weeks or four weeks between two sessions. It’s really a matter of feeling in your body and listening to your intuition when you need and can handle a next Healing session.

What’s the location for a Healing?

You can come to me in Wollongong for a Healing, but you can also have a session by email (I work with your photo then). Because I work with energy and connect on a soul level, it doesn’t matter if you lie down on my massage table in Wollongong or live at the other end of the world.

From Monday 23rd March 2020 I will only work online in sessions and on distance with a photo, due to the Coronavirus. I want to make sure you and I won’t take any unnecessary risks for our health and can both be in the place that is our safe haven.

What days and times are available for a Healing?

I work Monday – Friday between 9.30 am – 2.30 pm on location in Wollongong, NSW. I have some possibilities on Saturday mornings and on weeknights at 8 pm also. Please feel free to contact me to find out together what day and time suits both of us.

How long is one Healing session and what’s the price?

You can choose a healing session of 1 hour or 2 hours including a short intake. A 1 hour session is very short because the head often takes already half an hour of time. Based on my experience with clients I’d like to advise you that in a 2 hour session we can achieve to release as much as possible in the most efficient way, Often in a 2 hour session I do some spiritual therapy with you while you’re receiving the healing to have extra releases on conscious level. If you feel burnt out or in a low vibration (as in depressed), I would strongly advise you to do a 2 hour healing session.
The price for one session of 1 hour is $ 120. The fixed price for one session of 2 hours is $ 180. Special prices and discounts you can find on my page https://astridboot.com.au/services/.

You’d like to receive a Healing on distance

If you don’t want to come or can’t come to my practice room for a healing, you can request a Healing on distance. I can also do a healing on distance for a close minor family member like your child, or for your (pet) animal (e.g. cats, dogs, but also horses). This is how it works:

Send me an email at astrid@astridboot.com.au with a photo of yourself or the person or animal you’d like to have the healing done for. Include the first and last name (or the name of the (pet) animal). Please add your own first and last name too. Mention what you’d like me to focus on in the healing (e.g. the traumatic experience where the person or animal is suffering from, where the pain is in the body, if there are emotions blocking). Then pay via my website page Services (https://astridboot.com.au/services/). After receiving your email and payment, I’ll do a healing of one hour for you and you’ll receive an email in your inbox within three working days with what I’ve done in the healing and what information I got while doing the healing.

Notice that a photo only contains one person or animal (with more people or animals the energy gets mixed up) and this person or animal is looking straight into the camera.

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