You ARE love and via your heart you are connected to Divine love. Do you want to let the Divine love energy flow freely again through your heart chakra? I am offering a Heart Chakra Meditation to realise this. It’s an individual meditation where you’ll be guided to connect with your heart, to cleanse your heart chakra and release suppressed blocked energy and to make your heart your personal space and safe haven. This will make the energy flow freely through your heart chakra again. After this meditation you can practise this yourself at home to keep your heart chakra in balance.

Background information about your heart chakra
Your heart is the place for your ability to love. It’s a place from where you can give love but also receive love. And it’s a place where the love for yourself resides. When your heart is as open as you can handle in life and cleansed and balanced, it’s a place of love, joy and inner peace. And the energy can flow through it freely. But when the energy is blocked, this can lead to illness, a lack of self discipline, or dependency on someone else for your happiness.

Everybody experiences traumas in life where love is involved. Think about relationship problems or endings, the passing away of loved ones or pet animals, or suppressed fears of not being loved from your childhood that are still stored as frozen emotions in your heart.

All these experiences from your past leave polluted energy behind in your heart chakra. Also your heart can be full with other people’s energy. Think about a mum who has her children in her heart chakra because she believes she doesn’t show her love to them when she would want her heart chakra just for herself. And traumatic experiences in relationships can even cause that you close your heart for love.

But a balanced heart is a heart chakra that is open and that is only YOUR personal space. How can you discover who you are if you share your space with so many others and when your space is so full of polluted energy from your past?

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Dates and time: Tuesday 18th June 2019 from 7.30 – 9 pm

Location: U 10/30 Kembla St, Wollongong, NSW 2500 (2nd floor only through stairs)

Places available: 5

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Heart Chakra Meditation 18th June 2019 for $ 20.00