Recognise this? You feel you’ve found your true love, you’re having a flow of insights about a future together, even things like getting married that you never had before, you’re loving the feeling of being together and want to build a future together. You’re feeling in your heart that this is meant to be happening for you.

Then challenges happen and your mind takes over;

  • it was too good to be true, to be so beautiful
  • what were you thinking?
  • do I really deserve such a beautiful love?
  • there were big differences and they might not work out well for us
  • how can we make this work with both family backgrounds and our pasts?

You’re not feeling anymore, you’re in your head now. And your head takes over creating fears and doubt and confusion kick in.

One of the two partners isn’t ready

I’ve experienced it myself and hear it a lot from clients, especially in the last years where so many people are meeting their new life partner, their soul mate, but the time is not right yet to go ahead full swing. Often one of the two partners isn’t ready because of a lot of fears from the past. The one person who is living from the heart and wants to commit, gets out of balance because the head tells the facts that what the other partner says is not what the action is that goes with it. If you’re that person who followed your heart and now got in doubt if you didn’t see it right all that time: please stop doubting.

Focus on what you want in life and communicate

Stay true to your heart and communicate with each other (if possible) about your feelings. Speak from your heart and let the other person also speak from their heart and what they feel. Keep manifesting what you want in life, how you see that, how it will feel, and expand this feeling as much as possible. Make a vision board with what makes you happy, what brings you joy, how you recharge your energy, how you can keep yourself in balance, what you like to do with the rest of your life. Tell the universe what you want and ask for help to provide that for you. In case of a romantic relationship, ask the romance angels to prepare your true love soul mate and you to meet and be ready for each other.

Divine perfect timing

I know it’s heartbreaking when you’re ready and the one you love so much isn’t ready yet. It’s up to you if you will ‘wait’ till he/she will be ready, or if you want to move on with your life and meet someone who is ready now. Focus on what you like to do in your life and don’t let it hold you back, but keep moving forward. If the person you love is in your destiny for this life, you will come together one day, when it’s Divine perfect timing. And you won’t know when that is till it happens. Till that time, keep moving forward, live through all your emotions and release them one by one. Keep your heart open for possibilities and opportunities and keep thinking positive and optimistic thoughts about your love life. You deserve the best in every way.