Last week I’ve had messages and calls from several clients where I noticed they were going downwards in a spiral and lost hope. Especially the ones that are living by themselves are having a very challenging time. Also when you’re the only one in a big family that has other beliefs about what’s happening in the world right now, it can feel very lonely. I’m sure you’ve heard stories too where whole families are torn apart because of different beliefs. It’s sad but true: people judge harshly and take actions upon that.

If you feel you’re going down in a spiral, you’re having negative thoughts and it’s hard to see something positive. You can experience anxiety and depression, you prefer to not go anywhere and you prefer to stay in bed and avoid interaction with other people.

When you’re going in a downward spiral you’re out of alignment and on your way to a dark hole. I can tell you that it’s better to not get there, because it’s a lot of work to get out of it again. It might look tempting now, but it won’t give you any fulfillment when you’re in it.

What’s really important here is to change your vibration so that you realign again with love and with light. If you have a spark of power somewhere in you, choose consciously for love and light and ask the universe to help you to change your life so that you’re on the path of love and light again. If your vibration is in alignment with love and light again, you’ll get hope again too.

Let’s start with this action:

  • Say out loud: “I send all energies of others back to the senders now, transformed in love and light.” Feel how energy is flying away from you to others.
  • Say out loud: “I call back all my power, energy and parts of me, wherever they are, to return to me now, transformed in love and light.” Now feel how you’re filling yourself up.

Your vibration will rise by consciously taking positive actions. Here are some examples:

  • Bring a routine in your life with get up time and bedtime, meditation, exercise, being in nature, work, quality relaxation time for yourself, healthy meals, journaling your thoughts and feelings, creative activities.
  • Put on uplifting music, either upbeat songs to dance on and sing along with, or beautiful classical music to listen to.
  • Use prayers and positive affirmations and visualisations about how you want to feel and how you want to have your life.
  • Find out what your true desires are in your heart about life and what you need to feel happy. Do this while sitting in silence and going with your attention to your heart. Ask a question and be silent and wait how the answer comes to you: in thoughts, a voice or an image.
  • Catch yourself on every negative thought and immediately say after you’ve become aware of a negative thought, “Out of my head now.” Then replace it with a positive affirmation.
  • Focus on the now and write down daily 3 things in life you’re grateful for. It helps to open your heart again.

You’ll notice that when you’re working on raising your vibration, you’ll start to feel better. With focusing on positive thoughts about yourself, your life, the world and the future, you’ll start to connect with hope again too. And when you get that spark of hope inside you again, then you can expand it to every cell in your body and fill up your aura with it. It uplifts you and you’re out of that downward spiral and have stepped into the light. Hope is an energy that keeps you going, makes you stand up after every setback and keeps you focused on a good outcome.

Especially in this time we need to help each other to be hopeful. If you notice someone is losing or has lost hope, talk with them and empower them to see what they can be grateful for and how their desired outcome looks like. Tell them they are loved, supported and protected and surrounded by love and light. Explain to them how to ask for help because no one has to face challenges alone. We’re here to help each other. We are all human and we are One.