At the start of this year I made a big decision in my life, which was accompanied with lots of emotions. To come to this decision, I had to figure out what the difference was between what my mind was telling me and what my heart was telling me, which were two different things. I always tell that you have to follow your heart, your intuition and feelings. In my case I learned something new to add to this. If your mind is telling you evidence and facts about something not working for you anymore, evidence that it’s making you unhappy, then the heart can give you a good feeling, a warm, loving feeling, about the same topic. Then you’ll experience confusion because they are not telling you the same, and which one do you believe?

In my situation, I needed to pay attention to both, but what was happening in my heart, meant the heart needed to release something first. It was my beautiful late husband Jan in a channelled message who gave an exercise, to connect with my heart and then let the topic go from my heart. I did this, and it worked. Firstly, when I connected with my heart, I got to see it was broken in two halves. I honestly had no idea and it was quite confronting to be aware of this. After this realisation, I gave my heart permission to let go of the topic. I often see colours of blockages, and in this meditation, I then saw lots of brown and darker energy fly from my heart into the universe, to be transformed in love and light. I felt a big relief and suddenly everything transformed into a bright, white light, which made me feel wonderful. My heart was whole again. This was a very powerful exercise Jan had given to me. I was grateful.

After this experience, I felt peace inside; my mind and heart agreed with each other now. The evidence was clear and the decision was clear too. No objections any longer from my heart. First energetically, and then in physical form, I communicated my decision clearly. I could let go, and since then, I’ve released a lot of emotions and feelings, but also beliefs that came to the surface. I’ve worked on myself daily. I’ve had some nights with sleeping issues because of what was going on in my body. I’ve felt that my vibration dropped and had to work really hard to raise my vibration again. I felt constantly that there was energy in my aura that I didn’t want there, but couldn’t get rid of easily. Every time again, I connected with what I felt, to figure out what it was and how I could release it. I’ve asked my guides and angels daily to help me. I’ve asked my Reiki guides and angels to assist me with releasing and healing too. Every day was a step in the process. It wasn’t easy, but necessary.

It’s not that with just a decision your situation is solved. After communicating a decision there can be a lot to release from your body, mind, and soul. I’ve felt fears, anger, sadness, confusion, self-blame, and many more emotions. Nobody can take them away from me. I had to do this myself. And learn from it. So now I can tell you so you can learn from it, if you want to. Or recognise it in a future situation. You’re not going crazy or bananas. By the way, this last sentence I’ve said quite some times “It feels I’m going crazy and bananas.” And what was the result? I had a food intolerance for peanuts, cashews, and bananas. Simply couldn’t digest them. That’s how literally my body reacts. Thankfully there is an elimination therapy to get rid of food intolerances and allergies called NAET and I know a great practitioner who does this work with me, so that’s released again.

Also my body reacts physically with infections that have an emotional root cause. I discovered I had a few infections of the same kind in my bowel. They caused me digestive issues with noises in my tummy, nausea feelings, strange stools, but also issues in my head/brain when I tried to fall asleep, I get a little shake/shock, then a little shock through my body, and I’m wide awake again. Even though I’m really tired, I can’t fall asleep because of this. It feels like interference from the outside, but it isn’t. With muscle testing I figured out which infection it was, and also that I had more than 3 000 negative emotions that were feeding the infection, all in association with the big decision I had made. After removing them with my guidance team, I suddenly slept the whole night of 8 hours in one time again. With muscle testing and the gained knowledge about natural healing medicines, I also figured out what to use to help my body physically to get rid of the infections now. Because just a super healthy diet helped to keep doing my work in the best possible way, but didn’t succeed to get rid of the infection.

To my surprise I had a great experience today. Firstly, I felt so good when I woke up and realised I had slept 8 hours in one time, just as I had set the intention after releasing all the negative emotions around my decision. Secondly, when I hang up my laundry today, there came a cute, little feather fluttering from above that fell next to my foot. It was a sign from the universe that I’m being helped. I couldn’t miss this feather. Although I had signalled several other feathers during the week on the property, I had thanked the universe for every feather I saw, but never picked one up, and left them for others as signs. But this little feather was so meant for me. I picked it up and put it in my living room with the other collected special feathers. This one feels very special. It gave a warm feeling in my heart. Thirdly, today I had no negative or pessimistic thoughts anymore about the situation of my decision. Instead, I could feel the beautiful memories now, the love and gratitude in my heart. It feels free and new, like the world is open for whatever I’d like to do now. It feels big and so much space around me, like an expansion.

Earlier this week, I got the insight with a release of energy from my aura, that it was energy of ‘the old me’ that I was releasing. The old me who experienced losing her husband and all the stress and negativity that came as a result of this traumatic experience. It was like coming out of a cocoon and becoming a butterfly. And then the bright, white light was ‘the new me’. The New Me who has grown, is more confident, and more in alignment with my purpose.

What a decision can do with you, amazing! I encourage you to go for a change and decision, if you feel guided to. Don’t let fears hold you. Go for it. Keep believing in your dreams and your truth. Act upon them without hesitation. Release what needs to be released, and open yourself for the new. It’ll come in Divine perfect timing. Trust. Just focus on what you have now, what you want, and be grateful. Take every step and it’ll come your way. One day you’ll find your dreams are reality. Then you can be proud of your achievements, your growth, your miracle. Be a role model for others by choosing for love and being true to your heart. You deserve the best.