There are a lot of emotions coming to the surface, and old blockages ready to be released. It’s definitely a time to ‘go inside’, to take the time for yourself to feel what is happening in your body, what is happening in your mind, and to understand what your body and mind are telling you.

How can you be in the present?

You need to set time apart to connect with yourself; it won’t happen when you’re busy with work and daily life, running around and stressing. If you keep being too busy, you’ll find yourself being held back, or delayed. This is guidance from the universe to let you stop this behaviour, and bring you back to the present again. That’s where you can best be, in the present. Focus on what is now. What are you feeling? Is there pain in your body? Do you experience anxiety? Do you feel bloated, do you have constipation, or are you constantly running to the toilet? All messages of your body you need to change something in your life.

Be conscious what you eat, and how your body reacts on this food or beverage. Notice if your body feels happy about what you eat and drink, or if it has a resistance. It’s useful information. Notice when you buy food and you’re standing before the shelf in the supermarket, if your body is guiding you to buy that article, or if you’re getting a resistance or a strong ‘no’. Your body can really tell you what’s good for you or not.

How can you centre yourself?

In meditation you can quiet your mind by focusing on your breathing for a while. Every time you notice you’re having thoughts again, don’t judge, but go back with your attention to your breathing. Then ask the universe, what is best to work on today? Open yourself to receive the answer in whatever way; as a thought, feeling, image, voice that you hear speaking, a smell, or a taste.

If you are conscious about feelings in your body or emotions like fears, sadness, or anger that you’re walking around with, connect with these feelings in your body and the emotions. Acknowledge them without judgment, and then allow them to be there completely. It’s possible they’ll grow first, let it happen, but keep focusing on them, and they will decrease. Notice them fading away. If they don’t go away completely, ask the universe what you need to know to let it go completely, and you’ll be brought to a situation in the past that is connected to it. Do whatever you feel guided to and release whatever comes on your path. It’ll calm your mind and bring more peace inside you.

After a release, always fill yourself up with something positive like a colour energy that you like, Love, Light, the I AM Presence, a word or symbol that you like, or a positive affirmation.
Ground yourself well every day. This helps to not be with your energy only in your head, but to anchor yourself in the earth, so you feel supported by mother earth, and more in balance. A busy mind will keep you awake at night; a peaceful mind will help you sleep well and recharge your energy, so you are fit and vital and rested when you get up the next day.

Use intentions every morning with what you’d like to do and achieve that day. Write down your tasks as a things-to-do list and set as an intention that you tick them all off during the day. You’ll notice you’ll work more efficient, get more done in less time, and have some time extra for yourself. Of course it works great too if you schedule time for meditating, a nature walk, etc. as an intention in the morning when you wake up.

Ask for help from your guides and angels, from the universe in general, from your deceased loved ones, from friends, whoever you’d like to invite to help you. Tell what you need and feel good about asking help. It’s not weak, it’s a strength. No one needs to do everything alone. It’s a time to unite with each other. Open yourself to receive help and love. And be grateful and thank for the help you receive. Help can come in many ways!

The above will help you be more in the flow with the changing energies at the moment, and the challenging times on the planet earth. If you focus on staying centred, you can handle more and also be there for others who need you. Take excellent care of yourself as the highest priority. When you feel good and work daily on yourself, you can help others better without running down on energy. You’re worth to be the number one on your priority list.