A few years ago I read about how essential oils can help you heal your health. At that moment I had a lot of inflammation issues in my body going on, and I decided to give it a go with Frankincense oil. The results were amazing; I finally got energy again, my skin started looking good and aging wrinkles round my eyes dissolved, and even operation scars on my tummy started fading, I felt more positive in my mind, I could cope with my grief better after losing my husband, and the healing of inflammation started also. Since then I bought more oils, and in the meantime I have a box full of all different oils and I’m using lots of oil products also in my household.

My daughter and I became such a fan of the oils, that I decided to start telling others about their effects too. I started telling my clients how the oils can help with healing anxiety, fears, depression, trauma, pain, skin issues, infections or inflammation, grief, anger issues, stress, and insomnia. When I give them a sample of an oil that can help them with a specific issue, they fall in love with the oils too. This is the reason why I chose to become a Wellness Advocate so I can help people to make the right decisions which oils can help them for their health and wellbeing, and I can facilitate to get the oils themselves delivered at their front door.

I receive lots of questions about the oils, so I thought I’d answer them for you in a Q&A below. This way your questions are maybe answered when reading this too. Here we go.

  1. What brand essential oils do you use and sell?
    It’s called dōTERRA, which means ‘Gift of the Earth’. It’s a brand that’s very popular worldwide and constantly expanding because of its pure healing properties and honest organisation that contributes to make this world a better place.
  2. What are essential oils actually?
    It’s the essence of a plant -a gift from the earth -, the natural compounds of plants that are found in their roots, seeds, flowers, or bark and these compounds protect the plant from its environment, give it its scent, and even assist it with pollination, amongst its many other functions.
  3. How can you use essential oils?
    On each bottle is a label that tells you exactly how you can use the oil. Ways to use the oils are: topically (on the skin), aromatic (in a diffuser), or for flavouring (in cooking and this means you can take them internally e.g. in a veggie capsule).
    Always keep the oils out of eyes, ears, nose and other sensitive areas. Dilute the oils with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil or olive oil when you have a sensitive skin. Use only 1 drop of each oil because they are very potent.
  4. Why would you choose dōTERRA essential oils?
    There are many reasons, but the most important is because they are the purest and most tested oils in the world. dōTERRA has created their own testing system, called Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, because there is no worldwide recognised testing system, and they wanted to deliver the highest quality of pure oils. There’s a web page called https://sourcetoyou.com/en where you can find how the oils are sourced, and where you can enter the number of your oil bottle to find all test results.
    dōTERRA exists since 2008 and is still expanding rapidly because they deliver the purest oils. They have more around 40 oils that you can even ingest because they are so pure. Because the oils have the compounds of plants who can survive in nature, your body accepts them as a pure natural solution to heal. The oils help you to take control of your own health naturally, so it’s empowering and they help you increase your immune system.
    You can treat the problem instead of the symptoms with dōTERRA oils.
    The oils have no side effects and are not addictive.
    And the oils are delivered at your front door instead of needing a prescription of your doctor and needing to go to a pharmacist.
    When you choose dōTERRA oils it’s not only an oil for one purpose, but it’s a whole lifestyle change to integrate natural solutions for your and your family’s health and wellbeing. That’s why you buy oils from a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate and not in the shops; you receive education and support so you know how to use the oils in your daily life, and you have someone to go to with your questions.
  5. What have the oils meant in my life so far?
    First of all, they gave me energy when I didn’t have any energy left after a traumatic loss and becoming ill. I could function again as a mum, but also do my work that I love so much, serving clients on their healing path. Further the oils have helped with healing infections, burns of boiled water and sun burns, a sprained and fractured ankle, menopausal issues, protection for seasonal threads like the flu and cold. I also have two diffusers in my house spreading beautiful aromas and healing properties every day and night, which also help with client sessions.
  6. What are the most used oils?
    Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca (= Tea Tree), Oregano, Digest Zen, Easy Air, On Guard, Ice Blue, Wild Orange.
  7. Which oils are my favourites?
    Frankincense, Myrrh, Lemon, Peppermint, Cheer, Elevation, Passion, Motivate, Melaleuca, Wild Orange, Digest Zen, Citrus Bliss, Citrus Bloom, Ice Blue, On Guard, Rose.
  8. How can you learn more about dōTERRA essential oils?
    I’d love to show you the working of the oils and teach you about them how they can change your life. We’ll sit down together to discuss what you’d like to see changed in your life and how the oils can assist you to achieve that desired change. That’s called a wellness consult and it’s completely free. I’ve had clients who gave the feedback that it’s quite an experience to learn about the oils and use them immediately, and they were blown away by the effects of the oils.
  9. How can you get the oils in your house?
    I can help you to get the oils in your house fast. I recommend though to first meet with me to experience the oils and learn about their working. That is in a free wellness consult. We’ll make a personal plan how you can make changes to increase your and your family’s health and wellbeing, and then I can show you the options how to get the oils in your house fast.

If you’ve gotten excited about essential oils after reading this article, feel free to contact me with your questions about solutions to increase your and your family’s health and wellbeing. My advices are completely free, because the only thing I’d like to see is that you are thriving in life!