Candle of love

Earlier this week I was meditating and connecting to Archangel Michael, when he unexpectedly announced Jan, my late husband, wanted to come through. It’s always nice to receive a message from Jan. I had been meditating on what I should write about as my monthly article. Jan said to me: “Write about Love. Tell about us.” I thought that was a brilliant idea, since it’s a special week for us. So here I go.

Last Sunday it was 7 years ago my daughter Esmee and I entered Australia. We came to start a new life here and on 11th November 2011 Jan and I got married. So yes, exactly one week after I entered Australia. This Sunday it’s my wedding anniversary. Some people think this is a difficult day for me with sad feelings. Not at all! It’s a festive day of celebrating our Love. And I can tell you that our Love was and is beautiful. Jan and I had a very deep bond on soul level, and it deepened even further when we lived together here in Australia. Our love was unconditional. And you know the best part of this Love? It is still is beautiful, deep and unconditional.

Jan was very scared to depart from this planet because he didn’t want to lose our strong connection. I had to convince him that our bond would stay and that he would find a way to connect with me from Heaven. He would be able to connect through Love with my heart. I told him he could ask Archangel Michael to help him to connect with me because I work daily with this Archangel. Also I reassured Jan that I connect with deceased loved ones in readings so that’s how he would know to find a way to connect with me too. He knew me the best!

When Jan started his journey, I felt his energy fading away into the sky. He didn’t go straight up in the sky, but he went in a very long angle in the distance. Then I couldn’t feel his energy any longer. It was like a temporary disconnection. It gave me a bit of stress, but I knew he was on his journey and I would feel him again in time but in a different way.

And that happened. Two days later I received a message from Archangel Michael that he had arrived safely. I was happy with this message. It’s always great to hear a confirmation that everything is going according to plan. And Jan managed to pass on a message through my colleague and friend the day after. With all the grief and so many things I needed to arrange in half a year time, I took the time in December 2015 on a summer holiday week, to try to connect with him on a deep level.

He was there with me absolutely! The last night in the holiday house, I asked him if he was there. Then I suddenly knew he was standing at my foot end. We started to talk telepathically and it was so cool and awesome, that I didn’t want to stop. Jan floated from standing at the foot end to sitting next to me at the side of my mattress and we chatted the whole night. I don’t recall what we’ve talked about, but it was such a big experience and it was healing too.

Then at home with Christmas I got my first clairvoyance experience with him. I saw him standing before my TV in the evening. It was not seeing him as how I see a living person, it was more a silhouette of him with the knowing it was him and sensing his energy. And I felt so much Love. A few days later I saw him again in my living room, but only a second.

When he talks to me, he always tells me how he loves me and that he always will love me. An explanation for this is that Love doesn’t stop when you cross over. The soul continues living and the love connection with your heart remains. When you’re grieving, the heart is filled with emotions and often the mind with questions and lots of thoughts, which makes it difficult to feel the Love connection. But when you work on your emotions to clear your heart, and go through the phases of grief, you create possibilities to connect with your loved one in Heaven and you can receive the experience to connect yourself.

Love is the highest vibration of energy. It’s the purest and it heals. Love is always there. It’s available for everyone and everyone is deserving of Love too. Ask your guides and angels or the Creator to open your heart to receive Love and fill yourself up with it, send it to every cell of your body. You can use this sentence also: “Thank you for realigning me with Love.”

Sunday 11th November is my 7th wedding anniversary and just like the past 3 years, I’ll hold the Light a Candle Action again. This is what Jan advised me to do after his crossing over, to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I’ll light a candle that day to celebrate the Love between Jan and me and I’ll give the intention to the candle and flame to spread our Love over the world and to connect this Love with other people who join me in lighting their candle with the same intention. I want to make a big circle of lights spreading Love and every year this action gets bigger with more people joining. I invite you to join and let me know about your participation below through a message. On the 11th I’d love to see a photo of your candle also if you’d like to share that on my Facebook page or in a PM. Thank you so much for joining and spreading Love!



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