You have physical pain or illness and have seen a doctor about it. The cause of your pain is unknown and you haven’t been able to solve the pain or get back your health. Another situation: You’ve just had a traumatic experience, a loss that you feel in your heart. After this experience you suffer from anxiety and sleeping problems, you’re very tired and as if you’re carrying a heavy energy with you. Besides that, your mind is constantly busy and you can’t stop the thinking. You’re feeling stuck or alone.

For all the above situations you can use a Reiki healing session to transform your situation. The end result? Feeling super relaxed and calm, sleeping better, an easing of the pain or completely have gotten rid of the pain, partly or more getting back your health, a quiet mind, recharged energy and feeling vital again, cleansed energy and feeling lighter, connected again, and having new space in your mind to receive new insights and to have creativity flow, also to feel grounded with mother earth again.
[I can never promise a cure of health issues. I can only tell about miracle healings I’ve seen happening and share clients’ testimonials about their experiences.]

With my Reiki healing sessions I use a releasing prayer as a start so that you state clearly what you’d like to release and what you desire as the outcome for the session. I work with Reiki masters and angels, Divine Healing Intelligence, the Creator, Archangels, Ascended Masters, the 7 Sacred Flames and their Masters, healing angels, my spirit guides, and your spirit guides, and many more Beings who can help you. That’s why clients often say that they feel my hands on many spots at the same time; they feel the healing energy of all these beautiful helpers too.

In case of physical pain or specific emotions, I can help you with releasing exercises to let them go including their root cause. With physical pain issues it often gives clarity and new insights about the root cause so you can take actions to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Testimonials from clients

Here are some experiences from clients about their healing session:

  • “Astrid is a warm and caring practitioner who had the ability to clearly understand my problems. She gave me more insight into the issues we addressed. We dealt with a major health issue and family relationships. In particular I found the Reiki sessions and visualizations extremely healing. Astrid possesses the skills, flexibility, knowledge and tools that allowed me to achieve my goals.”
    Linda L.
  • “What Astrid does is beyond traditional medicine. What she has is a gift from above. I went to Astrid after all medical interventions failed. I am at least 90% healed and I know that soon I will be fully healed.”
    Mario Jordans
  • “Working in a stressful environment with at risk teenagers, I was feeling more incapable of managing my emotions and keeping my work life out of my home life. My sleeping patterns were terrible; I felt unable to ‘switch off’ and my emotional state was affecting my health.
    I felt the first sessions changed my emotional state instantly. I was able to, with Astrid’s guidance, delve into past relationships and understand how they still affect my wellbeing today. By releasing those emotions and letting go of negativity attached to it, I was able to feel a sense of renewal in my way of dealing with anxiety.”
    Kelly Sherpa

What if you could make a fast shift in your life in just 2 Reiki healing sessions? I’ve created the Quick Fix to Get Back on Track Program for you, consisting of 2x 2 hours Reiki healing. Until 1st October 2020 I have a special discount of $ 60 on the normal price for this Quick Fix Program. Instead of the normal price of $ 360 it’s now $ 300 for 4 hours healing. If you’d like to start this Quick Fix Program as soon as possible, contact me through a call on 0410 046 766 or message and we’ll schedule your sessions to get you back on track.