The last month most clients who reached out to me, felt stuck. Stuck in life and having no idea what to do to change their lives to experience a flow or at least a move forward again. Let me start by explaining that feeling stuck is a huge opportunity to get insights, release blockages, and get clarity about what needs to change in your life. It is a message of your body that you need to go back to who you are, what you want in life and what makes you happy. It is going back to YOU, stripping off all layers till you connect with your heart and soul. This often includes finding out who you gave the power to influence you what you’re doing in daily life that maybe doesn’t feel good, or who you gave the power to keeping you from achieving your personal goals.

Let’s go a bit deeper into this last point. If you have a personal goal but you feel constantly pulled in another direction by another person (often someone close by like a family member) who wants you to do what they want to receive from you, this can give a feeling of conflict in you. You can feel torn between yourself and the other person, or you can feel manipulated which can create a guilt feeling. You can feel as if you can’t make the right decision because what makes you happy, won’t make the other person happy. Like stated above, it’s going back first to what will make You happy, what You need for Yourself. If you live your life how another person wants you to live, you give that person the power over you. That means you’re going away from your heart’s desires and it will make you experience unhappiness. That is exactly the inner conflict you experience. Your heart/soul is telling you have to reconnect and reconsider what’s best for you. Another person can’t give you a happiness feeling. Only You can create happiness for yourself by doing what your heart’s desires are.

It’s not egotistical to choose what will make you happy. It is empowered and self-love. If you don’t feel happy inside about your own life, how can you spread love and joy to other people?

You can also feel stuck because of emotions that have been built up and are in the way. This is a message from your body that you need to release those emotions first. It’s a positive sign that these emotions have come to the surface and to your attention, because they are ready to be released. Letting go of emotions is not as hard as some people think. It has often to do with fear of their own emotions. I can promise you from experience with clients that you can handle all emotions that you have inside you. You won’t go crazy or out of control. Sometimes it’s just the insights about the emotions that help release them. It can be speaking out loud what you feel inside, there can be tears or a big catharsis, but the heaviest feelings normally don’t last longer than a few minutes. The result after a release, is that you feel lighter, relieved, and free, that a weight has been taken off your shoulders and that you experience more space around you and in your head. After this, you can connect more with your heart’s desires and get clarity about what you want with your life. You have freed yourself from being stuck to take actions again.

I can assist you in the healing process of freeing yourself from being stuck. If you feel you need more than just one session to change your life, I can offer you a transformation program to achieve this. Most important is that you feel ready to make the big change, are committed to heal yourself, and are open for my way of working. It’s my biggest passion to work together in a transformation program with you to see you break free of your past, releasing everything that’s keeping you from living the life you want, and being a magnet for abundance and success. Feel free to contact me for any questions about how we can work together.