Energies from outside of you can create to get out of balance or spiraling down to a lower vibration. Do you have any idea of what energies are out there influencing your life? It’s time to become conscious about this. When you know what can have a negative impact on your energy, then you can protect yourself against it and you can make smart choices for what you want in your life.

Other people

Other people can bring their drama, information, problems and events into your life. Their mood, their thoughts and their communication (in words or by sending messages through electronic devices) can affect your energy in a negative way. Know that other people’s problems are NOT your responsibility, so don’t take it on and leave it with them. It’s their experience and they have to learn from it.
Help by empowering them to change their situation and guide them to think of an action they can take as a first step to that change. Taking an action is taking responsibility and keeps you out of victim-behaviour. It’s a choice to look at possible solutions and an opportunity to change the situation.

Planetary changes

Planetary changes can influence your energy too. Everything that’s going on in the world causes emotions to rise to the surface on the whole planet. If you’re sensitive or an empath you can notice a change in your energy. Think about the emotion of shock after a disaster or life-threatening fears.
Also energies of planets’ movements like Mercury Retrograde have an impact on our energy. It’s important with planetary changes to ground yourself well with mother earth, to take the time to connect with your body to feel what can be released and how you can create tranquillity inside. Meditation is a really good help for this.

What if something gets you out of balance? Acknowledge that this has happened first. Don’t judge but just observe what has happened and how you feel. Then find out if you can let go of these feelings by giving words to what you experience in your body and mind. Is your body feeling tense or do you feel a pressure on top of your head? Do you have fears or negative thoughts? Send them away and detach from them. They are not helpful for your life and wellbeing, so you don’t want to keep them any longer.


Now choose to only connect with the highest level of love and light and choose to only have positive, loving and abundant thoughts. If you set that as an intention every morning when you get up, your day will unfold in a different way. Visualise yourself in a golden disco ball of protection and program this ball that only pure, unconditional love can come through and the rest will be reflected back to the sender immediately, transformed in love and light.

If you choose love and light you invite that in your life. Negativity will find another place or person to go to. When you doubt if your guidance is of the highest level of love and light, use your intuition first. What do you feel? Does it feel loving, warm, uplifting? Are the words you get with it uplifting, empowering and of love? That’s positive energy and that’s what you want in your life as guidance. All the other energies that demand you to take certain actions that make you feel uncomfortable or that make you suddenly only having negative thoughts, means you’re receiving info from a lower vibration or negative energy. As soon as you realise this, send them away and refuse to communicate any longer with them nor listen any longer to them. You can always ask Archangel Michael to cleanse your energy and remove any form of negativity attached to you.

I’m curious what ways you have of keeping drama and negativity out of your life. Or how you free yourself from these energies when you notice them. You can share them in a comment below so that others learn more about what methods works.