Along the way during your life you’ll find challenges and experiences on your path that can cause deep emotions. It can bring you down, where you can experience to spiral down into a dark, heavy feeling, a low vibration, and negative thoughts about yourself, life, and the world. You’ve lost your connection. You can feel alone and not supported too.

All you want is this time of heavy and low energy to be over, to thrive in life again, to feel positive, and achieving goals and results, to do what makes you happy. That last thing, is exactly what you can best focus on; finding out what makes you happy, and start taking actions to do so. If it is being in nature that makes you happy, go for a walk at a nice place in nature. If it is reading a book, grab your book or order one that you feel drawn to, and start reading. If it is something creative, get your necessary materials out of the closet and be creative.

What comes next? Now schedule time to sit down quietly by yourself, and to just feel what’s happening in your body. Where do you feel something, where is your attention drawn? Go there with your attention, and acknowledge the feelings. Then allow the feelings to be there completely. Cry if you need to, shake or move your body if you feel like that, stamp your feet if that helps, yell if you feel like it. Let the feelings come out of your body one by one. When you do this daily, you’ll notice you’ll feel better. It’s like a daily clean up. See it as your spring cleaning.

After having let go of your feelings and emotions, you can best fill up the voids with something positive like a colour energy, a word, or a symbol. If a void is filled up again, nothing can come back anymore in that same space, because it’s occupied with positivity.

You are so connected with your body when you do this routine daily. But can you be even more connected? Yes, in a different way. From your body and mind there is also a connection to your higher self, a very wise part of you. And a connection to your soul that knows all your experiences of many life times. If you go with your attention to your heart and ask a question, you’ll get answers of your higher self and soul. You also have a connection to The Source/All-That-Is/God, whatever you call it. It’s a Source of pure, unconditional Love and Light and it is infinite. Plus it’s available for everyone who wants to connect with it.

Even if you don’t feel a connection to Source, you are still connected, but the connection is smaller and Love and Light can’t reach you completely. It’s possible that you experience you’ve lost the connection with Source. A cause can be that you’ve closed your heart to protect yourself for potential more hurt, that you’re angry at the universe for what you’ve experienced in life, or that you have fears for the connection to Love and Light.

In today’s session with a client we discovered that there was a fear from a past life where my client had been a healer, got threatened because of his healing work, and decided to stop his work and connection with The Source. I got to see a glimpse of how alone, sad, and goalless my client was walking further on his path. My guides and angels told me my client could invite this past life part to come to him and to integrate this part in him. Oh my, this lonely, sad, goalless part was so happy to finally being saved! They merged beautifully and the past life part felt safe again. Together they can experience from now on how wonderful it is to do healing work in this life, and how safe it is now to be a healer. Prosecutions and threats were from past lives, not from the present anymore.

You know, this integration of the past life part, was healing for my client, and it helped to transform the previous fear with his connection to feeling the connection with The Source fully again. The bright white Light could now completely fill him up. It was no longer blocked.

This is just one of the reasons of a blockage with your connection, but feel how your connection with The Source is. Do you see or feel a bright, white Light coming to you, going into your crown chakra (top of your head), and filling you up completely? Where do you see or feel that it’s blocked? Go with your attention to that spot, and ask for help from your guides and angels to transform this blockage into allowing and receiving the Light fully. Tell your guides and angels when you’re ready to reconnect, or realign with The Source, and to receive the Light inside of you without any interference. Choose to receive the Light.

Visualise the connection, and feel how wonderful this is. With your connection flowing well, you’ll feel guided, supported, connected, in the flow, and your Self. And that’s all you have to do,, be your Self, completely authentic and pure, because there’s only one You with all your talents and abilities. And you have the right to shine your Light brightly. Be connected. Stay connected. Feel connected. For the rest of your lifetime here on the planet Earth. Affirm: I am connected, and Love and Light flows freely through me continuously.