You’re running around for everyone; arranging groceries for your parent(s), being the driver to drop your kid(s) to after school & sports activities, helping friends when they are experiencing difficult times in their lives and squeezing in to catch up with friends doing a cuppa or having dinner. At then end of the week you feel you have no energy left. Tired you fall in bed. Your weekend program is full too, so no real time to recharge your energy. It feels you’re carrying too much weight on your shoulders. What can you do to change this?

If you take action, you can create a change

Firstly take a moment to sit in silence and notice how your busy life is making you feel. You might feel the weight on your shoulders, a super busy mind with long things-to-do lists, and a body that is incredibly tired. If you don’t make a change, everything will stay the same. The result when your life stays the same? Probably a burn out, depression or illness. NOT what you want! To create change, you have to make a decision to want change. If you say out loud to yourself “Yes, I am ready to make a change! Show me how please.”, then energy can start flowing again in the right direction.

Your time is precious so make sure you utilise it in the best possible way to also have quality time for yourself. Start for example with 10 minutes a day where you sit quietly to visualise that all stress and business from your body and mind is being released. You can visualise to send it to the universe or into mother earth, and then fill yourself up again with pure love energy. Take a deep breath and smile. You have the freedom to choose how you want to experience your days and to make changes, that is something wonderful and you can be grateful for that.

Now look in your diary for the next week; what can you cancel or skip or maybe shorten in time? Just an example: instead of having to go to the supermarket to buy groceries (for yourself or your parent(s)), you could consider doing the groceries online and let them be delivered. For dropping your kid(s) to sports, you could try to organise a group of parents to rotate driving the kids every week.

From now on schedule 1 day a week free for yourself. If you work fulltime schedule 1 evening a week free for yourself, although you could question yourself if working fulltime is the right balance for you if you are so busy. Sometimes creating to work 4 instead of 5 days can give you just that space you need to have more balance and feel happier. This 1 day or evening free means you plan to do something for You. Something that makes you feel relaxed, that brings you joy, that recharges your energy, that nurtures you (think about a day spa, massage, haircut, float, workshop where you learn a new skill, meditating, walk in nature, etc.).

If someone asks your help, take the time to first think about the request and the impact on your life and energy, before you answer. When you normally would immediately say yes to help a whole day in the weekend, you might feel when you take the time to think about it first, that half a day would be enough so you have the other part of the day for yourself to relax. It’s about feeling what the right balance is for you and your body between working and relaxation, between work and private life.

In case it’s difficult for you to say no to a request, work on releasing the resistance or fear that’s causing it (often a fear to not being liked or being judged by others). You have the right to say no if someone asks you a question because you have free will. If they don’t like your no answer, it says a lot about the other and it’s their responsibility. You only need to be true to what you want and what your body needs. Sometimes that is relaxation and time for yourself to be fit for the next work week. YOU are the most important to take care of in the first place. If you manage to be in balance and harmony with yourself, then you can better give and share to others.

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