December is the last month of another year. This is a great time to look back to 2014, what happened, what you learned and what you’d like for 2015. What you don’t want to take with you to 2015 you can release in this December month. You can leave it behind, it won’t serve you for the next year.

Water damThink about pain, sadness, fears, anger, loneliness, not feeling worthy or deserving, but also unhealthy habits (no exercise, food cravings or addictions). Just take some time to connect with your heart and listen in silence what it has to tell you about the past year. Which situations do you have to think about immediately? Maybe you had to deal with a loss or a traumatic experience (a dear loved one who passed away, loss of your job/friendship/relationship, or an accident happened).

Then feel in your heart if there are people who you have irritations, frustrations or anger towards. Do you still feel unforgiveness towards them? If you hold on to unforgiveness, you keep yourself stuck in the past. It blocks you and you can’t move forward. Even though you can only forgive them partly, do so, because it’ll help you both move forward. And how about forgiving yourself for what you have done, thought or said? That’s as important as forgiving others.

Now feel on a scale from 0-100 how happy you are about 2014. It’s the first number that pups up in your mind. How do you feel about this amount of happiness? How can you increase this amount? What steps do you need to take? And are you willing to take these steps? Write down on a piece of paper what your action steps are to be happier.

Is there something missing in your life? Feel in your heart, because your heart knows the answer. Take the first thing that you think of, feel, see or hear. And ask your heart how you can give yourself that what you need. Do you have to ask someone to provide you something you need? Or do you have to take action yourself? Sometimes it’s just a matter of giving love to yourself to fill an emptiness.

Right now, just focus on 2015 and how you want it to be for you. Imagine it’s an ideal world and you have in 2015 exactly what you want. Like it’s already there. Know that everything is possible. What do you see, feel, hear, smell, taste and know? Feel how good this feels to already have this accomplished. Let it flow to all your cells and fill your cells with this fantastic feeling. This is how you manifest your desires into reality. Ask The Source (God, Creator, All-That-Is), the angels and Ascended Masters to help you releasing everything you want to leave behind in 2014 and to manifest what you desire and to give you signs what to do and where to go. Now have faith and hope for a great outcome. Expect the best for you and be patient, trust in Divine timing and follow your guidance.

Also being grateful is a good thing to end this year. So here I go: Thank you all for being my client and sharing your life stories with me this year again. Thank you for allowing me to serve you in your personal growth process and for the miracles happening during treatment sessions. Every single time I’m amazed how wonderful the universe works with us to help release blockages and to provide the necessary messages to move further forward. My greatest gift while doing my work is to see people transform to being at peace, happy and joyful. To see them connect with their true self and starting to connect to, listen to and understand their guidance and following their guidance to reach the highest possible, the best, because they believe they deserve the best and are worthy.

Wishing you all a great time to Christmas with all end of year performances and activities and the last school days for this year. My free Distant Energy Healing this month will be on Wednesday 24 December from 8-9 pm to serve those who have a difficult time at Christmas because they feel lonely or are confronted with someone who’s missing with Christmas. Know that there’s a lot of help from angels available for you and connect with them too, because they really want to support you.