I’ve received a lot of questions about how to strengthen your immune system and would like to share my experiences and advices with this. The key is to treat your immune system holistically so on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

  1. First of all, it’s important to eat lots of green vegetables and fruit, preferably organic food. You might have heard about drinking celery juice as the first thing in the morning and I personally like that to cleanse my stomach. It helps for your stools also. Avoid sugar in your diet because that doesn’t help to strengthen your immune system at all. When you experience bloating or other issues in your gut, do a test of a few days or a week avoiding gluten and dairy products and see if that makes a difference. That way you discover if your body tolerates these foods or if it’s better to cut them out of your diet. Remember that intolerances don’t help to strengthen your immune system, but can cause inflammation.
  2. Drink lots of filtered water. I have a Zazen alkalinity water system, but also Pureau water is a good alternative. I wash my veggies and fruit with this filtered water too and I use it for brushing my teeth and cleaning my toothbrush.
  3. Use extra supplements, especially in winter time or when you don’t come out in the sun a lot. I use vitamin C, D and zinc. I also use vitamin B because I’m vegan and can use some extra of that. Make sure when you buy supplements you take the sugar free ones.
  4. See the sun as something beautiful and enjoy the sun instead of being afraid of it. Set the intention that you love the sun and it only contributes to your health with vitamin D. Use sunscreen with natural ingredients to help your skin stay healthy.
  5. Go out in nature to exercise; you can walk, run, cycle, skate, hike, whatever you prefer. Choose something that makes you feel good. I love a walk along the beach or in the botanic gardens with a friend to catch up or a walk alone with my earplugs in listening to meditation music of a high frequency. I often connect with my guides while listening to that music and with my attention on my heart area. That way I can receive messages of guidance for my life.
  6. Meditate daily to quiet your mind and let go of negative thoughts and negative emotions. A good way for a relaxing meditation is to go with your attention and breathing to every body part and to relax all muscles there and let tension go. You can start with your feet, then your legs, your reproductive area, your tummy with digestive system with all organs, your chest with lungs and heart, your back with your spine, your shoulders and shoulder blades, your arms, hands, your neck, your face, and the rest of your head. Visualise your connection with mother earth through a grounding cord and your connection to the universe through a cord with The Source.
  7. Use positive affirmations every day like:
    I am healthy. (or I am on my path of healing to perfect health.)
    I have a strong immune system.
    I deserve to live in good health.
    I am safe.
    I am secure.
    I am protected.
    I am supported.
    I am loved.
    I am that I am.
    I am in control of my life.
    Nothing can affect me unless I choose to let it.
    My thoughts create my reality.
    I choose to be in the Now.
    I am the embodiment of freedom.
    My mind and ego help me to only have positive and loving thoughts about my health and wellbeing.
  8. Connect on a daily basis with your guides, angels, the Creator, deceased loved ones, or whoever you believe in that gives you a peaceful and happy feeling. Ask the universe for help with your life and to provide what you need at that moment or to help realise your dreams.

Create your own daily routine with a time schedule and commit to it every day. You’ll notice it’ll make you feel good. Of course you can reward yourself too for your achievements. Lots of reasons to be proud of yourself.

If you need assistance with quieting your mind, releasing anxiety and stress or trauma, I am still open under medical care and have availability in my schedule for new appointments. Contact me through a call or an email to arrange an appointment, so you’ll feel ready to move forward again while enjoying life and having the control back in your own hands.