How often have you felt stupid in your life? Maybe you’ve felt stupid because others told you that you were stupid. Or you’ve felt stupid because of decisions you’ve made or actions you’ve shown to others. If you feel stupid, that’s like beating yourself up for what has happened in the past in the above cases.

In case of others telling you you were stupid, it was a projection and you can have heard it so often or it can have hit you so hard, that you’ve internalised it to become your own truth about yourself. And now you believe ‘I am stupid’ which is a blocking belief about yourself. If you understand it’s not a helpful belief in your life and you want to get rid of it, you can release it and transform it with a positive thought about yourself, e.g. ‘I am fine as I am, I am a loving person’.

If you beat yourself up after a decision you’ve made or an action you’ve shown to others, ask yourself first: With the knowledge and experience I’ve had, would I do this in the same way again, or would I allow this to happen again? What have I learned from this experience? What choice will I make from now on that is for my highest & greatest good?

I can tell you that when you’ve learned from a situation, you will do it differently in future because you’ve discovered something about yourself. You’ve grown. You’ll make a healthier choice or trust your intuition without questioning or ignoring it, or you’ve raised your standards and set new boundaries, or you’ll stand up for yourself speaking your truth.

With these new learned lessons and insights, you can best forgive yourself for what has happened, for your decision, your action, your behaviour. ‘I forgive myself for everything that has happened.’ Repeat this sentence a few times out loud and feel what it does inside you. It’s incredibly healing and will make you calm and in the now. Enjoy freeing yourself!

If you need some professional help to come to forgiveness because you feel resistance, reach out to me and we can schedule a session. It’s a great opportunity to free yourself before the new year starts. Send me an email through my contact form on my contact page, and I’ll contact you within 24 hours.