Over the last years I’ve had several clients who had a fear about death and particularly the unknown of death. They were scared to not know where they would go if they would die: to a good place (like paradise or heaven), a bad place (dark place or hell), to nowhere or that everything just stops with death and there is nothing after. Maybe you can relate to this fear of the unknown of where you’ll go.

This fear can be deep seated and can make you very anxious during your life. It can create more fears like becoming really scared of illness, to the part of freaking out about your health when you just have a little ache in your body or when you just have the sniffles. It can also create avoidance of everything related to death, e.g. avoiding to visit doctors, sick people or palliative patients, hospitals, funerals, cemeteries and grieving people.

When you’re afraid about what comes after death, your body gets into stress mode when you think about it. I can’t give you evidence of where you’ll go. I can only tell you there are books from people who’ve had a near-death-experience. It’s all about what you believe though. What you believe that will happen, determines your feelings in your body. I discovered that when you choose to change the way you think about what will happen after you’ll die, your feelings in your body will change too.

So do this little test for yourself:

  • Feel in your body by making a scan from head till toe, how your body reacts to what you believe that comes after death. Does it make you anxious, scared, stressed, panicked?
  • Now imagine that after you’ll die you’ll go to the most amazing place of loving energy, you’ll be welcomed, loved, supported and you’ll receive all the healing you need, you’ll feel wonderful and amazing. Do the body scan again how this makes you feel. I’m sure it makes you feel really good.

Do you see what I mean with changing your belief changes your feeling in your body?

It’s up to you what you’d like to believe, but check within your body what the impact is on you and your life. Do you choose to live in fear or do you choose to live believing in a positive place you’ll go to after this life?

I can share with you what I believe: That everyone has a soul in a human body and that this soul lives on after your physical body stops living. That we all eventually go to the same place of love and light where every soul feels good. This place is a Source of love and light energy where no judgment takes places, where every soul is equal and loved, whatever that soul has experienced in a lifetime on a planet. The Source is a place from where a soul can choose to go to live another life on a planet to experience other feelings than only pure love: to experience polarity between love and fear, light and dark, happiness and sadness, etc. In every life a soul chooses to live somewhere, the soul learns lessons and contributes with their experiences to the collective consciousness. The more a soul learns to live in love, peace and kindness with others, the higher the vibration is and rises, which uplifts other souls’ vibration too. And I believe the goal is for all souls to live in a high vibration of love with each other, wherever they are.

I believe every soul has free will and can choose what to believe. I advise you to choose to believe what makes you feel good now so you can enjoy your life in the present time.