Are you noticing that you AND your partner both have issues from the past to work on? It’s good to see that it’s both of you, it means you’re conscious about the issues in the relationship stemming from your past. The root cause of an issue often goes back to your childhood.

If you start to work on yourself, you’ll change (= transform), which will cause a reaction with your partner. Now your partner is standing for the choice to work on him-/herself. If your partner doesn’t do that, you’ll grow further apart and that often leads to a break-up.

The time has come to not sit back and wait what will happen. it’s time to face what emotions you’re carrying and where in your life they started, so you can release them and transform them into positive thoughts about yourself and your life. It’ll contribute to your happiness and joy, and your health.

If both you and your partner take your responsibility for your own negative emotions (blockages) and work on releasing them, it’ll improve your relationship. Triggers won’t be activated anymore because the emotion that was triggered, has been released. Mostly this improves communication between the two of you also.

The last month I notice I’m getting more clients who see that their partner has negative emotions from their past too. If you want to free yourself from blockages from your past, message me and we can have a free phone call to discuss your personal situation. If you want to refer me to your partner, let him/her contact me and I can schedule a free phone call with him/her also to discuss his/her personal situation. I can help both of you and would love the result of an improved relationship for you.