Do you want to learn how to use and improve your psychic abilities? Do you like the idea of doing this in a small group with a lot of practical exercises, where you’ll receive reading information (messages and guidance) yourself too? Are you sensitive and noticing that your intuition is giving you helpful information for yourself and/or others every now and then? Then this new course ‘Improve your Mediumship’ is for you!

Read here what you’ll learn during the course:

  • How to cleanse and protect your energy, how to anchor yourselfspirit colours energy background
  • How to connect with your spiritual guide(s) (how to open and close contact)
  • What happens with energy exchange
  • How to keep your heart your own space
  • The difference between a high and low vibration
  • How you can cleanse yourself from negative energy and how you can protect yourself from it
  • How you can cleanse yourself from psychic attacks and how you can protect yourself from them
  • Which chakra’s exist and what they represent
  • Which psychic abilities exist and which one(s) you use
  • How to give readings by using a photo, a personal belonging, just a name, or a flower
  • How to connect with your guardian angel, Archangels and other angels
  • How to give an energy healing

spirit colours energy background 2It’s going to be a personal journey if you participate and your spirit guides are looking forward to join and help you improve your psychic abilities. You’ll have six lessons in one school term, and between two lessons you’ll practice at home to deepen your connection to your guide(s) further. From the moment you’re enrolling, your journey starts. And from experience I can tell you that it’s a great journey; learning how to open and close the connection with my guides was a priceless technique, I feel connected and I know from evidence now that I’m always surrounded with help from the universe, and I learned to trust my intuition. It’s so rewarding to pass on messages, guidance and healing to people! And I can add that your spirit guide(s) will help you to get clarity about your path, which is very helpful in your life. Here are further details about the course.

Read what others say about this course:

I have recently completed Astrid’s ‘Improve your Mediumship’ course and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for more information and ways to develop their intuition, connect with their guides and angels and learn to protect yourself during readings and healings. I was lucky enough to complete this course on a 1:1 basis and so also received many healings throughout the course which was an amazing added bonus! The course was exactly what I needed to start my journey into understanding my true role in this wonderful thing called life!



I found the Improve your Mediumship course to be inspirational, rewarding, well planned and very informative. Astrid covered every aspect of this course which has now given me the confidence and knowledge to proceed in a direction I was hesitant to go in.
I thoroughly enjoyed the time spend with Astrid and the other students participating in all workshops. She made it fun and at a standard achievable to anyone.
I truly recommend this course to anyone wanting clarity with Spirit, connecting with your Guides and Archangels.



I have just finished this course. Astrid is an amazing facilitator; every week I learned something new and each week I walked away feeling fabulous. I really enjoyed the healing with the angels and really appreciate Astrid sharing and showing us her wonderful abilities.



Dear Astrid,

I cannot thank you enough for running this course. It was so much more than I imagined. The course delivered everything that you promised and it was presented in an easy to understand manner, you were able to answer all of our questions and were very patient and reassuring with our progress. It was a lovely opportunity to meet with like-minded individuals and share our learning together. You have provided a wonderful environment for people to pursue their spirituality and I thank you so much for allowing me to help add so much value to my life over the last 6 months.

Many blessings, Jenae x


I would like to express my gratitude to Astrid Boot for creating her Improve your Mediumship course. 
I found the course very beneficial to my personal and professional development and made some wonderful friendship along the way.  

Astrid is a very intuitive teacher, she had a course outlined however this was expertly modified as the students progressed in their own journeys which enabled each student to extend their knowledge of their subjects of interest and to include learning something new.  

I would like to encourage others to consider attending Astrid’s course and to see what else is possible for yourself.



During this course Astrid took me on quite a journey. I have learned so much. From first learning to trust my intuition to how to protect myself and my energy. I also got to meet my spirit guide and my guardian angel for the first time. I learned how to do different types of readings and how to heal. The course is very practical and Astrid is a patient and naturally gifted teacher. The mediumship course has changed me in so many positive ways. I am a different person to the one who started this journey. For this Astrid, I will always thank you.



Next course dates: A new group will start in February 2020 on Thursday evenings. Here are the dates: 20 February, 27 February, 5 March, 19 March, 26 March, 2 April 2020. Please contact me if you’re interested in joining this new group.

Time: 7.00-9.30 pm

Costs: $ 350 per person in a group setting. Payment plan available to pay in 2x.
Feel free to contact me for more information and price about a 1:1 course with you.

Location: 10/30 Kembla St, Wollongong, NSW 2500

Hand-out: The course includes a printed version of the course information which you’ll receive every lesson. Please bring your own notebook and pen if you want to take notes during the lessons.