esmee-in-tree-smallWe just started the school holiday and on Saturday morning 24th September my daughter Esmee ran into my bedroom at 5 am. This turned out to be a week of using my intuition and getting past lives’ info we weren’t conscious of. She was crying and hopped in my bed and explained she had a terrible tummy ache. She was afraid to have to throw up (she did that a month ago when she had a tummy bug and didn’t like the experience). She grabbed my hands for healing on her tummy. I applied some DigestZen essential oil on her tummy. I always feel so powerless when my child is sick and yesterday she was perfectly fine, so I hadn’t seen this one coming. We would leave today for a weekend Canberra but after breakfast we cancelled this plan because it was better to stay at home until she was better again. She was quite disappointed about this but relieved to stay home.

She didn’t have an appetite, was even afraid to eat (fear to have to throw up), was extremely tired, had a pale skin, was very emotional and kept on complaining about a tummy ache. We went to our kinesiologist that day and found out she had an Amoebic infection. The DigestZen had helped so we didn’t need to do more for now. With checking her chakras we found out her root chakra was blocked. After this was fixed and we treated other issues from the list we brought, we went home again. At night time she complained about a heavier tummy ache again. She didn’t sleep well and the next morning she came crying in my room again with a tummy ache.

Monday she felt even worse. We found out with the naturopath/kinesiologist that she was definitely suffering from an Amoebic infection. The cause of this is tap water in Australia which contains this one cell organism. We have a water tank with filters and only drink that water and wash our fruit and veggies with it, but still we get the infection every now and then. It can come from taking a shower or bath or from food. My intuition already had told me that 1x applying DigestZen oil wouldn’t be enough, so I had already given Esmee the naturopath drops for Amoeba since Sunday morning.

We hoped to go to Canberra Tuesday and Wednesday but she was still feeling sick and there didn’t seem to be any improvement. We visited the spiritual discussion group on Tuesday night but had to leave early because she wanted to go home, not feeling well. This group was the only thing that I wanted to do for myself but it turned out to be a short visit. On Thursday Esmee’s situation got worse. The drops normally kick in in three days time but there was only a small improvement. My intuition said she probably had another infection going on. After a visit to our naturopath that was the case; she also had a fungal infection. So we also started drops to get rid of that. When it was bed time, Esmee came to me and when I saw her face, I knew she had to cry. She really wanted to sleep in my bed tonight, so we arranged that. She’s always turning and moving a lot in her sleep, so it would mean I wouldn’t get a lot of sleep…

esmee-in-tree-with-heart-smallOn Friday she was sneezing, blowing her nose and still getting worse, still tired and emotional, still a tummy ache in the mornings and evenings and it looked like she also had a cold with it now. I had never seen this before with her. In the evening when I put her in my bed again for the night, I suddenly had an insight; Esmee getting worse with health issues had to do something with me, maybe a past life blockage. The next day my colleague would channel for us what was happening with Esmee and her health. We received some interesting information: there was a past life where Esmee had been my mother and she had a lot of children. I was one of her favourite children because I helped her with raising the younger kids. Unfortunately she died very young. I felt responsible for the children and did my best to raise them, although I was very young myself. I had taken on this life lesson of responsibility but it turned out to be too much for me. I had resentment towards my mother because she had left so early and left me in this difficult situation. The resentment was in our way right now. There was a second past life where Esmee was a man and I was a woman and we had a short romantic relationship together. Because it was only short, we were left with a ‘not really liking each other’ feeling after the relation was ended and this feeling was in our way right now with her being sick. Universe removed the karma from both these lives from us and healed this. An hour later Esmee started to have more energy and she got some colour on her cheeks again. She got an appetite and started eating again. What a huge difference!

She slept in her own bed again that night. She was a bit afraid. I asked her why and she explained the energy in my bedroom was nicer than in hers. We cleansed the energy in her room with a cleansing spray with essential oils and we asked Archangel Michael also to cleanse her energy and the energy in her room, to wrap his wings around her the whole night and to help her fall asleep immediately and sleep very well. She did fall asleep immediately and slept really well and even slept in till 7 am (which is long for her). She’s feeling fine again and enjoying her school holiday. What an adventure of how my intuition guided me to take the action steps we did and to find out there were past lives blocking Esmee to be healthy again.