children playing imageNowadays kids are very sensitive to energies. And they’re visiting places where lots of energies come together, for example a nursery, playgroup or school. Each kid also brings the energy from home with him/her. If there has been an argument at home, the kid brings that energy with him/her. Imagine what a pool of energies that is! And how do you deal with that as a kid? You feel everything but don’t understand it all. You just feel that it’s bothering you but you don’t know how to let it go. This can even result in you not being able to concentrate, feeling the urge to take exercise, throwing tantrums no one understands and getting disapproval of your behaviour. But you can’t help it, you suffer from all the energies and you want to get rid of them.

What helps immediately is to start with an exercise to learn to ground, clear and protect their energy twice a day. Besides this, kids can use more information about how to deal with their sensitivity. It’s an awareness process and simple exercises can help them deal with energy. When your kid also has paranormal gifts, it’s very useful for him/her to learn to comprehend what they experience, how to switch it on and off and to learn that they are loved and connected instead of feeling lonely, different and misunderstood, or even crazy.

Besides sensitivity and/or paranormal gifts, kids also can suffer from fears. Think about fears of insects, the dentist, a surgery, fear of failure in school, fear of losing someone or losing someone’s love (fear of rejection) and fear because mum and dad are divorcing and their familiar world collapses. With special kids therapy techniques they can get rid of these fears, connect to their inner power and transform to be (self) confident.

Girls acrobaticsIt is very important that your kid wants to change into a happier child by learning about energy and how to handle energy. If a kid does not want to change or learn, I can’t achieve a thing. Show your kid my photo on this website and ask if they feel good about working together with me. They can tell straight away. Trust their opinion on this.

It’s very important for the parents to have faith in the outcome of the treatment, even if at the time it might be hard to imagine. Your kid feels right along that you don’t have confidence in him/her and that can disadvantage the result.

In some cases we can decide together to give your kid a distance treatment instead of coming to my practice room. This might be because I can make a better connection then (the so called ‘tuning in’ on your kid’s energy) and can achieve better results.

From Monday 23rd March 2020 I will only work online in sessions and on distance with a photo, due to the Coronavirus. I want to make sure you and I won’t take any unnecessary risks for our health and can both be in the place that is our safe haven.

A kid reflects his/her parent with behaviour. Your kid is like your mirror and shows you what needs change, or what you can release. It’s not a bad thing at all; it’s a reaching to you to help you grow personally. If you understand the translation of your kid’s behaviour and you let go of what your kid reached you, your kid’s behaviour will change positively.

If you have any questions about healing for your kid(s), please use the form below or call me on 0410 046 766.