I have experienced such a beautiful true love with my late husband Jan Boot, that after his departure to Heaven in 2015, I asked him what I could best do on our wedding anniversary (11-11-11 we got married). He replied to me he would like a Light a Candle Action every year on 11th November to spread love to everyone on the planet Earth. I thought it was a brilliant idea and suggestion. So, do you want to join this year?

How does the action work?

Light a Candle on 11th November in your house or on your desk at work. Give the intention to this light that it symbolises love, that it connects to my candle with love, and that all candles together in this action will spread their love to everyone on the planet Earth.

It doesn’t matter how long you can light your candle on the day. Safety first, so don’t leave your candle burning while you’re leaving the house. You can even give the intention to your candle to spread love the whole day.

Love is healing and Jan and I will be grateful for you joining our action.

I’d love to hear if you join this action and I love receiving your picture of your candle too!