Candle of love

Saturday 11th November it’s my wedding anniversary (I got married 11-11-2011). It’s the third anniversary after Jan, my husband, crossed over to heaven. I asked him in 2015 how I could best remember and celebrate our love and he advised a ‘light a candle’ action. This candle symbolises our pure, unconditional love. I gave our love the intention to spread through this candle all over the world to everyone who needed this love because they missed a dear loved one too.

For Jan and me it would be a huge present if you too will light a candle Saturday 11th November and give it the same intention. The past years it was a success and we felt honoured that so many people joined our action. I announced to make this a yearly recurring event. Feel free to share this message and to join us and let’s try to create a chain of lighted candles in the world to spread love. If you’ll join, I would appreciate it if you’ll send me a message below (like ‘I’m joining’), just to see how far this idea of Jan can reach.

Thank you so much for participating!

CONTACT FORM Join the Light a Candle action on 11-11-2017

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