The last months I have a lot of clients suffering from hurt and pain in a loving relationship, and often in a relationship where the true love or soulmate feelings are very strongly present. Were you hurt in the past and are you trying to protect yourself for more hurt? How do you do that? Have you put a wall of protection around your heart? Or did you open your heart after a long time for someone new, did it feel so good and amazing, and did you get hurt again?

The wall of protection around your heart
Your wall is probably making you feel safe, but are you experiencing love fully? Is giving and receiving love for you in balance? Visualise your wall and feel how your balance between giving and receiving love is. Your wall was necessary to protect you in the past, but is it still necessary right now? Feel if you could let your wall down partly or completely. What do you need to let the wall down completely? What’s the worst that could happen if you remove your wall completely? That you get hurt again? What did you learn the last years to protect yourself and your heart and love? Are you able to communicate clearly about your boundaries and protect them? Do you surround yourself with like-minded people who accept you as you are and respect your boundaries? Where is your power? Do you own your power or did you give your power away? Give the intention to call back your power, wherever it is, to yourself and fill yourself up with it again. Feel your power and anchor it in a place in your body where you’d like to keep it.

Love is the highest vibration of everything. It’s something beautiful and gives a very pleasant feeling, it uplifts you. Love is something unconditional, you give and get it back in return. If you open your heart for love, it is a gift to receive love, and you probably feel grateful for the love you receive. But what if you have opened your heart, and you get hurt (again)? It is how you deal with this.

In our human body we are on earth to experience love. And love has like everything, a yin and yang side. If you can open your heart fully for love, you’ll experience love of a high level, but you can also experience hurt and pain. I know what I’m talking about because I’ve experienced true love and lost my husband only a few years after we got together. The experience of love was high, it was absolutely amazing, but the experience of the pain when he was gone, was huge too. I’ve also experienced love where it felt so good and amazing but where my partner back then was too fearful to commit fully. That is painful also, because I had opened my heart but he couldn’t out of fear. How do you deal with a situation where you get hurt because your partner chooses fear where you chose love?

Hurt in your heart
First feel in your heart and visualise how your feelings look like if you would draw it on paper. What colour does it have? What structure? What size? Acknowledge this feeling with its emotions and thoughts and let it be as big as it needs your attention. Focus on it until it decreases till it’s disappeared completely. Now visualise your partner before you and with your thoughts tell him/her how you feel and how this impacts your life. Then tell how you want him/her to treat you. Feel if you can forgive him/her for his/her choice and behaviour. If so, say that out loud. Forgiveness will make you be able to move forward with your life again. Now feel if you can forgive yourself for everything that happened. Say that out loud to yourself too. Send back all the energy of your partner to him/her and call back your own energy to yourself. You can ask Archangel Michael now to cut all cords, except the pure unconditional love cord, between the two of you. Fill yourself up with a bright white light.

What thoughts do you have about yourself and love now? If you have judging or negative thoughts, write them down and transform them one by one into positive, uplifting thoughts. Did your experience make you believe you’re not worthy or deserving of true love or being together with your soulmate? Transform this into trust and faith the right partner is here for you and will open his/her heart for you in the right time. Ask the romance angels to help you bring you together with your life partner, help you both to choose love and let go of fears and experience love of the highest level for both of your highest and greatest good.

In the meantime ask your guides and angels to help you focus on your life, doing the things you like and that energise you, having balance in all ways, opening and healing your heart and releasing your fears. Focus on what brings you joy and be grateful for everything you have in life.