Love yourself unconditionally. Do that for yourself. Be thrilled that you are alive and that you are here. You are the one person you are going to live with forever. Until you are willing to love your inner child, it’s very hard for other people to love you. Accept yourself unconditionally and open-heartedly. – Louise L. Hay –

I see the part of the inner child that is still scared about what has happened in the past, with many clients. They connect with their inner child and help it freeing it from the scary situation. It can be a situation where there was real danger or where they felt ignored or received unloving words spoken to them.

When the inner child is freed, my clients can give them love and support and a life-long connection to protect them. The inner child is saved and can start to grow up feeling loved and being playful again. All this results in my clients stepping in their power again, feeling whole and complete. And also healed.

Then they radiate to the world they are worth receiving love and they have a lot to give too.

Do you remember a situation where you as a child felt not safe or unloved? Leave a comment with the age of you when that situation occurred and add a love heart as love to your inner child. Feel free to add love hearts as a symbol of love for others in their comments too.