Many clients ask me what self-help tools I use and I’d like to share my five favourite ones here with you. They’re simple and very effective. Here they are:

  1. Breathing
  2. Meditating
  3. Exercising
  4. Reiki
  5. EFT Tapping


Recently I’ve discovered the enormous effect of deeply breathing into your lower tummy in 3 counts, then hold your breath 3 counts, breathe out in 4 or 5 counts, hold your breath in 3 counts, and repeat this cycle again. If you have digestive issues like constipation, lying down and do this breathing exercise helps to get the food moving further in your bowel. If you want to help the digestion further, you can massage gently where your intestines are from the right side to the left side to move and propel your stool forward. While breathing, you might notice your bowel making noises, which can be evidence for relaxation and stool movement.


When you’re stressed or super busy, meditation is a conscious choice of allowing yourself to be in the present, ground yourself, and acknowledge what’s happening in your body. You’re connecting with where you notice your body asks your attention. You can also connect with your heart and ask what you need to know right now, and what your heart’s desires are, what your heart needs from you, and how you can give that to your heart. You can visualise a gate on top of your head, you can open it and let all thoughts fly out there into the universe to be transformed in love & light. Then close your gate again and your mind will feel so much calmer.

There are different ways of meditation, e.g.: just focusing on your breathing, traveling in your imagination to a safe place, or following a guided meditation so a voice leads you on a little journey.
I have a free meditation audio of about 10 minutes that you can do every morning when you wake up and every evening before you go to sleep on my website page: On YouTube you can find many free guided meditations including mindfulness.


Especially yoga and Pilates are great ways to feel the connection with your body again, to get back to be in the present, and to forget about the stress of daily life and busyness because you have to focus on your balance and breathing during the positions and exercises. It always makes my mind quiet and makes me deeply grateful for what my body does for me. And it’s wonderful to experience that with every breathing out you can stretch further and make your body more flexible.

Of course a walk in nature is a super effective and free self-help tool too. It helps to ground yourself again, to quiet your mind and it’s a workout at the same time too. If you listen to a meditation or self-love affirmations while walking, that provides extra benefits. Connecting with nature (also in ways of reading a book under a tree, or taking a dive in the ocean is a wonderful tool to relax and recharge your energy.


Self-healing with Reiki is absolutely amazing because it’s so relaxing that you can fall asleep fast. I often use this when I get into bed, give healing on my head, chest, and when my hands come on my tummy, I fall asleep in a very relaxed state. If I wake up during the night and can’t sleep immediately, I use Reiki self-healing again and it mostly helps to get back to sleep again. Reiki also helps to calm you when you experience anxiety, stress, fears and grief. It creates new space in your mind when you feel there doesn’t fit any extra thought in there anymore. It’s like archiving your thoughts so that there can come in new insights and guidance from the universe that is useful for your life. And as a mum I can say Reiki is also a great tool to give healing to your child when they are restless, anxious, scared (great to use Reiki after a scary dream!), sick, or in pain. My daughter asked for my healing hands when she was sick in primary school time. It helped her to fall asleep in a relaxed state.

EFT Tapping

I sometimes forget about tapping because I use Reiki as a first tool, but tapping is very powerful and simple to use. There are acupressure points on your head and chest that you tap on while just breathing and focusing on what happens in your body and mind. It helps to say out loud what you’re noticing like: ‘I am anxious, I feel that in my chest, it’s tight there and it feels as if someone is pressing on my chest, now I feel a lump in my throat, it makes me feel sad when I feel that, I’m sad about …, etc.’ Because you keep on tapping on the points, you’re helping to release your feelings, emotions and thoughts so your body and mind get into a calm(er) and relaxed state.

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