Sometimes seeing a situation from a new point of view can change your feelings about that situation. It can even result in a release of a blockage like a negative emotion or low self-esteem.

An example: once I’ve had a client who got asked by her ex-partner who she had had an affair with, to visit him when he became a terminal cancer patient. She visited him till he passed away but his wife didn’t know about their past affair.

My client decided to visit his funeral although she had strong emotions about the situation. She had loved him deeply and wished to be sitting in the front row too to grieve, but she wasn’t acknowledged being a secret affair.

She ended up in the last rows of the church next to the aisle. When the coffin was carried in, they stopped exactly at her row. She was devastated, angry and traumatised that this had to happen just at her row. How could he do this to her?

In a reading where I connected with his soul, I told her it was not to upset her, but he had stopped especially at her row to acknowledge her presence because he was grateful for her love and support and for visiting his funeral.

This new look upon the situation created she could let go of the emotions including resentment she had been carrying all these years. It was incredibly healing and powerful.

Same situation but with new insights and freeing her from a traumatic experience. I’ll never forget her.

What insights about an old event in your life were healing for you? Share it in a comment below.