When clients tell me they have gained weight the last years and aren’t happy with the weight gain, they often ask me for advices how they could lose the weight and if I could help them in the weight losing process. I always explain there can be many factors behind the weight gain and with which factors I can assist to solve this. Here are the most common ones that came on my path through my clients but also privately.

The emotional side

I can definitely assist with the emotional side of weight gain. If you have experienced a difficult situation as a loss, divorce, illness, or something traumatic, it’s possible that you still have feelings, emotions and beliefs that are blocking you in life. These blockages can literally cause weight gain, because the natural energy flow is blocked in your body. If you do a spiritual therapy session I’ll assist you in discovering which blockages you still have, releasing them and transforming blocking beliefs into positive affirmations for yourself and your life. I have seen many clients working on themselves with the help of spiritual therapy and losing weight spontaneously because their self-esteem increased and they felt stronger to make healthy choices in life. But of course there can be more causes for weight gain, so let me sum up a few more.

Hormonal balance and stress

Your hormonal balance can be a cause of weight gain also. Look at your life and find out what is out of balance. Do you have a balance between work and relaxation? Do you nurture yourself enough with quality time to ‘recharge your energy levels’? Do you have stability in your life as safety for your present situation and your future? How is your sleeping pattern; do you fall asleep easily, do you sleep a whole night in one go, do you sleep about 8 hours each night, do you feel vital and rested when you get up? Do you have stress in your daily life, and how do you cope with this stress? Do you meditate, go into nature, or visit a practitioner to release your stress? Or do you (binge) eat to suppress it? If you binge eat, or eat extra sugar, sauer, or fat (also dairy fats) to suppress your feelings of stress, you’ll gain weight and even feel worse, often guilty or regretful about the snacks and extra eating.

Physical health

Is your thyroid working well? If your thyroid works too fast or too slow, this can affect your metabolism. And is there maybe a disease that could cause weight gain? Visit your health practitioner to get tests for this if you think this is the case for you.

It’s possible you have infections in your body. Parasites or worms and other infections can cause problems in your body and I’ve personally experienced that I had infections causing weight gain. When I had treated the infections with natural medication, my weight went down. This last part (natural medication) is important too, because when you’ve had lots of antibiotics in your life, your gut health can have gone downhill which can have caused weight gain. Here you can work on strengthening your gut health and immune system again.

You can also have deficiencies. The most common are: iron, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B/C/D, and iodine. Deficiencies can cause lots of problems in your body including sleeping problems (think about restless legs that wake you up in the middle of the night). This can become a circle of being overly tired, and starting to eat more snacks that cause weight gain. A deficiency of calcium, zinc, and magnesium can also cause a craving for sugar, so make sure you take supplements for the deficiency instead of eating foods that increase your weight.

Healthy food and drinks

The best start is to quit sugar and processed food in your life. Start reading labels of what you buy, inform yourself what ingredients your food contains. It’s best to buy organic food, so it doesn’t contain chemicals.

It’s important to eat fresh vegetables and fruit every day. If you eat a snack in the morning and afternoon, it’s best to have a piece of fruit here too or some nuts. Cold press juices or smoothies are good drinks and also breakfast options. A healthy diet for most sensitive people’s body is also gluten free because most sensitive people react on gluten in a negative way. Think about when you’ve eaten bread or pasta and how ‘full’ your stomach feels. That’s because of the gluten. It’s easy to find out if your body has a reaction to gluten; when you don’t eat gluten for 1-2 weeks, and you feel better (e.g. clearer in your mind, better stools, more energy), this is your evidence that you can better not eat gluten anymore.

How do you feel when you eat? Do you have thoughts like ‘this is bad for me’? Do you bless your food and can you really enjoy what you eat? Or do you feel guilty after eating or have regrets? This is all contributing to what happens in your body and with your weight.

I know the Australian government says the drinkwater is of a good quality, but I personally have experienced that my sensitive body becomes ill from this tap water, and I know I’m not the only one. I’ve bought a special alkalinity water filter system that filters the bad things (such as fluoride, arsenic, chlorine, herbicides & pesticides, industrial poisons, rust, bacteria, cysts, parasites, and Amoeba) out of tap water and adds the good things to it, like minerals. With this water I wash my veggies and fruit, I brush my teeth and rinse my toothbrush and I only drink this water. When I go out for dinner, I bring my own water bottle to have my quality water with me. And this water tastes way nicer too!
Soda and soft drinks aren’t helpful for your weight (and health) because of the large amount of sugar in it. And I’ve just read there exists research about diet soda that suggests that weight loss is delayed by artificial sweeteners. So the very thing you thought was helping you may be hindering your process. [Angel Detox by Doreen Virtue & Robert Reeves]
Alcohol can cause weight gain too and it’s best to quit alcohol anyway for your health, but also for your spiritual connection with your guides and angels.

Heavy metals and Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)

Heavy metals can enter your body through many ways; in your household (material of pans, aluminium foil, chemicals in your food or house cleaning products), fluoride treatment at the dentist, exhaust fumes, etc. Heavy metals together with the Epstein Barr Virus can cause lots of problems with your health, including mystery illnesses, which then can cause possible weight gain. It’s best to detox your body from heavy metals and EBV. You can find a lot of information how to detox from this on internet.


Do you get enough exercise/movement with your physical body? It’s best to have a balance between the feminine (yoga/pilates/tai chi/dance) and masculine (cardio and weights) forms of movement. And it’s great when you can exercise in nature cause it’ll even make you feel better. Moving your body can contribute to weight loss because it helps to burn calories and fat.

I hope the above is giving you an idea what could have caused your weight gain and what you can do yourself to transform this. If you need assistance in releasing feelings, emotions and beliefs around your weight gain and wish to lose weight, feel free to contact me hoe we can work together to achieve this.