Do you recognise the following situations?

  • Every day and every task costs you a lot of effort. You feel drained and tired, but life is demanding so there’s hardly time to give in to your need for rest. And when you sleep, you still feel tired. Your ‘battery’ feels empty and you can’t manage to recharge it yourself.
  • In your head it’s incredibly busy with thoughts. You can’t quiet it down. Meditating is something that doesn’t work for you because you get frustrated of your busy mind.
  • During a day you experience emotions like anxiety, overwhelm, fears, or sadness. These emotions interfere with your plans, tasks, happiness, and health.
  • Your body and mind feel out of balance and there’s a heaviness in and around you that you’re carrying with you. It’s weighing you down.

You know there needs to be done something about how you feel, but you want immediate result and don’t know where to start.

How would it be for you if:

  • you sleep well and get all tasks you have to do finished every day and still have energy to do some exercise and things for yourself too?
  • it’s quiet in your head, so you can finally relax?
  • your body feels calm and at peace so you can confidently go through your day and handle every challenge that unexpectedly appears?
  • a day is a new opportunity for you which you approach with enthusiasm because you feel good?

That is possible! Do the Quick Fix to Get Back on Track now!

In this Program you’ll receive:

  • 2 energy healing sessions of 2 hours with me

After you’ve worked with me, you’ll:

  • Feel energised and with a fully recharged ‘battery’ again. It gives you hope and you’ll feel that life is doable and you can take action steps again.
  • Have tranquility in your head and can think clear again. There’s also space to receive new insights or creative ideas. Your mind has stopped ruling your world.
  • Feel calm and relaxed. Your muscles are relaxed, the tension is gone, You feel at peace instead of on guard.
  • Feel lighter, happier, and freed from heaviness or burdens. You can stand tall again with your chin up and chest out.

Your investment for this Quick Fix to Get Back on Track Program is $ 360.

Others who have experienced sessions before you have commented:

What Astrid does is beyond traditional medicine. What she has is a gift from above. I went to Astrid after all medical interventions failed. I am at least 90% healed and I know that soon I will be fully healed. Highly recommended.
Mario Jordans

“Working in a stressful environment with at risk teenagers, I was feeling more incapable of managing my emotions and keeping my work life out of my home life. My sleeping patterns were terrible; I felt unable to ‘switch off’ and my emotional state was affecting my health.
I felt the first sessions changed my emotional state instantly. I was able to, with Astrid’s guidance, delve into past relationships and understand how they still affect my wellbeing today. By releasing those emotions and letting go of negativity attached to it, I was able to feel a sense of renewal in my way of dealing with anxiety.”
Kelly Sherpa

“Seeing Astrid has been one of the best things I have done in terms of personal development.
Having struggled with Anxiety for a long time due to childhood trauma, I needed to release trapped emotions and Astrid helped me do so.”

“Astrid truly has a healing gift and I feel so blessed that I was guided to see her! We had 2 sessions. This released me from being stuck in grief and I walked out feeling lighter in every way.”

Frequently asked questions

I’ll provide some answers to questions that you may have:

1. I work during the day. Is it possible to do the Program in the evening or on Saturday?

Yes, I have some possibilities for you in the evening or on a Saturday. If you contact me through the contact form on this website or call me on 0410 046 766, we can find a suitable day and time that matches both our schedules.

2. I don’t live in the Wollongong area. Is it possible to do this Program on distance?

Absolutely! I’m used to working on distance with clients too, since I also have international clients. The results are the same as when you would sit face-to-face with me. The beauty of working with energy is that it can be sent to someone wherever they are on planet earth. In a treatment on distance I work with your photo. You’ll receive an email with details what I’ve done in the session and what information I received for you.

3. How do I know if you are the right practitioner for me?

You can request a free intake meeting with me of approx. 30 minutes. This way we can meet and you’ll realise if this Quick Fix to Get Back on Track Program is suitable for you. After this intake meeting you can decide if you want to enroll in the Program. Listen to your intuition about feeling comfortable and safe working with me.

4. I’m going on a holiday during the Program. Is that possible?

Yes, that is not a problem. We can schedule your sessions around your holiday so you can fully enjoy your time away. Being in a different environment than your day-to-day routine is also a great opportunity to integrate all the work you’ve done. It’ll contribute to your healing process