My services are based on the time I spend with each service, and if you book a one time session or a series of sessions. Here are the prices for my services from 1st September 2019:

  • A session of 1 hour is $ 120.
  • A session of 2 hours is $ 180.

As you can see, a 2 hour session is cheaper p/hour than a 1 hour session. This is because I’d like to work with a client to achieve as much as possible in one session, and through my experience in a 2 hour session more can be released because we allow the body, mind, and soul to go to a deep level to release and transform. Even for an energy healing a 2 hour session gives more results than a 1 hour session, because including a short intake, one hour is gone very fast.

If you are interested in working on Your Happiness in a program of more than one session, I’d like to invite you to call or email me. We’ll discuss your unique situation and I can advise you what I think is the best way to achieve your desired situation when we would work together.

You can choose to buy a series of sessions, when you think you’ll need more than one session to work on your desired outcome. This option is only available for 2 hour sessions:

  • A series of 3 sessions of 2 hours: $ 470 (so a discount of $ 70).
  • A series of 6 sessions of 2 hours: $ 900 (so 1 free session of $ 180).

Prices for Children and Pensioner Concession Card holders

I have lowered my 1 hour session price for Children and for Pensioner Concession Card holders with a valid card to facilitate more possibilities for transformation for them. The prices will be the following as of 1st September 2019:

  • A session of 1 hour is $ 100
  • A session of 2 hours is $ 160.
  • A series of 3 sessions of 2 hours: $ 410 (so a discount of $ 70).
  • A series of 6 sessions of 2 hours: $ 800 (so 1 free session of $ 160).

A reading and healing are normally 1 hour and a treatment on distance and a written reading too.
I keep an eye on the time but if you want a longer session than you booked on forehand, e.g.. because you have more questions in a reading to be answered, and your session takes longer than 1 hour, the regular fee is $ 30 per 15 minutes added on top of the $ 120.

The fee is to be payed cash at the end of a session. Always make sure you have enough money with you, because I don’t have eftpos. For treatments on distance or a written reading, you pay on forehand through PayPal (see below). If you prefer to make a direct deposit, let me know and I’ll send you the bank details by email. Notice that your payment through a direct deposit must be received by me before the day of your scheduled session. With a package of sessions I can also offer you a payment plan too.

When there is a special fee, other than my normal hourly fee, for one of my activities, that will be displayed on my website with that activity.


You can order your treatment on distance here:

Healing on distance of 1 hour for $ 120.00

Written Reading of 1 hour for $ 120.00


For Children or Pension Card Holders with a valid card:

Healing on distance of 1 hour for $ 100.00

Written Reading of 1 hour for $ 100.00