Here’s what happened in my life this morning. It’s big for me, and it feels amazing. I didn’t see it coming. It happened and grabbed me completely out of the blue.

Let’s go back to yesterday first. I was reading in the book Light is the new black by Rebecca Campbell. I took time to read in the sun at the Lake of Illawarra. It was windy but nice. Even a man in a speedboat waved at me, cause there was no one else there. It was peaceful. I enjoyed reading this book. It sooooo resonated with me. Lots of topics and advices in the book I already knew, and I have even used them with client sessions for years, but it’s nice to read it from someone else in a structured way, so to speak. I did all the exercises in it and got answers from my heart and soul, and spiritual guidance. It raised my vibration. I read how Rebecca told about her own life, that she wanted to become a writer, and kind of was waiting for it to happen, not knowing how to come to that point that it would become reality. I thought ‘oh well, that’s her story, and she became a writer, good for her!’. Somewhere deep down inside me was a little feeling about the word ‘writer’. Further in the book it came to an exercise where you call back all lost parts of you. Not that I had the impression parts of me were missing, but I always do exercises to find out what happens. I said out loud: “I call all missing parts back home now. I am home. I am home. I am home.” I felt good, but nothing special at that moment.

This morning I participated in a free webinar from Hay House Publishers about Deciding on your Book Topic. I was really excited to hear all the useful tips. The webinar was cool and I made a lot of notes. Then Reid Tracy, CEO of Hay House, talked about a book that contained advices about positive habits, and he gave as an example ‘If you are a writer, acknowledge first that you’re a writer, I am a writer, then show up every day to write. If you’re already writing for a blog, a newsletter, or you post texts on social media, you are already a writer.’ And then it happened.

There was a huge click inside of me. It was triggered by the sentence I am a writer. Then there was the eye opener that I already post on social media, that I write blog articles for my newsletter, that I have already written an eBook (you can get that for free on my website by the way), and that I AM A WRITER. It was true: I AM A WRITER. This had such a huge impact; it was the missing part of me that had come home with acknowledging I am a writer. I have a writer part that was not acknowledged for so long, that it felt forgotten. Even though I write daily – truly, you don’t wanna know how many pages I write daily, or when reading a book making notes for myself, diaries of the past with daily notes, endless, so much paper… – I hadn’t acknowledged I am a writer. I heard a thud in the living room and didn’t know what that was. I thought it was maybe someone delivering a package at my front door.

Back to my feeling about the writer part. I said it out loud: I am a writer. A couple of times more. I started to sob loudly, and let it all come out. It was definitely on soul level. After the big cry, I felt whole and complete. I’ve never felt this whole and complete before. I felt high; this is how it must feel when you are in alignment with your purpose, with the universe, and with everything you’re supposed to do, and what you come for on this planet to spread as your light. My light could shine brighter than ever before. I was already on the right path, but this part needed to be included.

There was an urge in me to print affirmations. I opened a new page in Word and typed:

I am a writer
I am a speaker
I am a teacher
I am a healer
I am a therapist
I am a medium
I am a mother
I am a partner
I am ME

Wow, this resonated, and more emotions came out. The order of the affirmations was important too. I could now see and understand that writing is my top priority. I can speak about my writings to people; I do that all the time when I tell about my own personal growth and experiences, but also when I help clients to step into their own power again. I teach from what I write, because I connect my personal growth experiences and insights to educate others, in the hope it’ll serve them or inspire them to be their true selves. The other parts as what I do as a daily job in client sessions, is being a healer, therapist and medium. I can’t do the one without the other. But my work gives extra info and topics to write about. From my personal experiences as a mum and partner I can understand and feel more compassion for my clients and people in general about their life experiences. They all help me grow. And yes, I am love, and I finally am me. I have discovered who I am completely whole and shining brightly.

What a surprising discovery. It came out of the blue. It was certainly a big break-through for me. And I am thrilled about it. It even made me write this extra blog article, where normally I always feel a bit of a deep sigh feeling when it’s time to write my monthly blog article for my newsletter. It made me want to write this one to share with you what happened in my life. It can happen to you like this too. Just ask what you want and need in life, and the universe will deliver in divine timing. The timing is always right. All the puzzle pieces in my life are finally falling in place, and it’s great to experience this happening. I’ve worked incredibly hard to come to this point and I’m really grateful and excited. I’m so glad my writer part is fully present again!

When I walked into my living room, I found my worldglobe had fallen on the floor. It had landed perfectly on Antartica and had Australia at the front. I see this as a sign with a message about my writing. I’ll keep it for myself and time will reveal it all, but let me know if you have ideas of what the message is.